People have many excuses why they can't eat a raw food diet. Check it out…


16 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Eat A Raw Food Diet

  1. Paul, I have to say that, although I see and largely agree with your message here, you make assertions that are just not whole or accurate. You say cancer grows slowly and does not emerge suddenly – that is simply not known. Information on the power of our minds and bodies is just beginning to erupt, and soon more will be understood. You have shared in past videos about raw foodists you have known who have become sick and died. Marti Kheel – an amazing woman (animal activist, scholar, author) – who ate vegan for decades and raw for much of that time died very rapidly (within 3 months) a few years ago of acute myeloid leukemia. Having interviewed her and known her, her death, although initially shocking (she was only 63), came to feel quite unsurprising and aligned with “her distinct story”. She was a compassionate woman in that she wanted justice, but she contained great anger about the violent continued abuses toward animals, and with a tendency to think too much and feel too little, she ultimately lived in a very prescribed way. There was little humor and little allowance. In other words, there was no flow. When there is no natural dynamic equilibrium flow, sickness emerges – whether it be slowly or rapidly. Each journey is unique to our path. I make this point to say that raw vegan IS healthful (I know this from personal healing and energetic experience from eating high raw high vegan since last year), but it is in not way The Answer to all that ails us. The human psyche has a very very long way to go to be free from all that make us mentally, and subsequently physically, ill.

  2. Would love to hear your thoughts on hypothyroid disease, specifically hashimoto’s, and if you believe it can be healed on a raw vegan diet. I spoke with a certified Gerson Practitioner who told me it would be very rare to heal hashimoto’s.

    • I have no idea what this disease is, nor have I ever heard of it except once or twice, I will google it now as I write this, yet I will suggest you look into the tops of what I have researched over 17 years with the Inet…URINE THERAPY, ANTINEOPLASTONS, DR RIFE TECH, Kava Kava, and well that is enough good stuff for you to understand for now, along with this video (raw food vegan lifestyle) that should be ample in order to free you, oh yes, please do not forget prayer, that is key to all of this LOVE.  Ok so I understand what hashimoto’s is now, yet here is the deal, just type it in and keep researching and looking at all the best stuff online for it, if humans have discovered something about it, you should be able to find it online, and in addition, know the cause of the disease to INCREASE YOUR CHANCES massively at finding a way to healing, that is just how it works…e.g. was it EM waves, radiation, diet, or something else that caused the problem?  Then work at solving it.  35 years in computers, just my two cents…blessings in Jesus

  3. Great video, total top quality.  I think the fact you have next to no budget (compared to big companies) and yet aced this with ease is good proof of how well your paradymn is working for you and others.  I have studied disease and healing (thc oil rife tech antineoplastons) for 17 years now, and am doing my best to get to the raw food vegan lifestyle.  I am adapting slower to it perhaps than I would like, yet I suppose this exercises my patience as well.  It’s all good, yet I find that just like sin in our lives, eating unhealthy is a part of our human nature, yet it is one that is well worth cultivating an attitude of holiness towards love about so that we can avoid that and do what is best for ourselves and others.  Yes I have already, and will share much of your material, I am very impressed.

  4. Everyone’s body isn’t the same. Some people can thrive on a raw food diet and some can’t. I eat raw 80% of the time, but I get sick if I eat 100% raw.

  5. Its just me again Paul..I like your educational videos..thank you ….
    But again, that beard….I’M SORRY but ……….oh do it for your wife

  6. You’re 100% correct…Dr. Gerson spoke of her dad’s words too (famous Dr) You can think you’re fine because you’re standing, etc but….you’re deficient and unhealthy and don’t even know it!……her books explain the same as you’re educating us……THANK YOU PAUL..

  7. PLEASE answer this, what’s your channel to show what you eat?
    Is canned carrots OK…..I have a hart time with raw carrots…..I have cooked carrots all the time but is can ok? and why is the title of this video WHY I CANT EAT A RAW FOOD DIET? when the point is to get people to be healthier?? I think you’re interesting to listen too…thanks…I’ll be back!

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