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I finally did it! I downgraded from my smart phone to a old school flip phone. Since I stopped using my iPhone I feel so much better. In this video I share the reasons why I traded my iPhone for a non-smartphone flip. Yes a dumb phone!

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20 thoughts on “Why I Downgraded from a Smart Phone to Flip Phone

  1. Downgraded Smart Phone……You Are RIGHT, For Whatever Reason, People Are “Addicted” To Their Phone’s, And Are NOT “Living” Their LIVE’S!!! They Are “LIVING” Their LIVE’S, Really, “Vicariously” Through Their Phone’s. Everyone Should “TRY” To NOT Use Them At ALL, For Just “1” Week. Bet MOST, Could NOT !!!

  2. Yay, I down graded my phone from $112.00 to $40.00 per month and I have the same service . I also cut off cable $125.00 to $-0 . I have HDTV Antenna. I still view my favorite TV channels. I was afraid too, but when I did it, it felt liberating. They should have let you keep your number. That’s what is allowed to switch over…hummmm I have the Samsung S-4

  3. that’s good but without my Android I can’t watch videos & learn how to become a vegan with my old phone but had no choice to switch over to one the company I’m with took all it towers down & merged with another company back in 2015 but good thing about the switch my phone bill dropped to 43$ better than 56.99 plus the phone was free I already have glasses since middle school but I don’t wear them when I’m on my phone if I had a laptop or computer I would get rid if this phone for a desktop phone I always look around I don’t fool with my phone when I’m out walking to do my shopping I can without my phone for a week but I’d keep it on me for 911 only

  4. Hey whatever. If you want to downgrade good for you. I’ll keep mine , good for me when you think about it what does it really matter? Do what’s right for you and that’s the bottom line. No one leaves this life alive so what you do is your business as long as you don’t infringe on others.

  5. I have both too. Ive had the same smart phone for over 2 years which I now own and have never had facebook on it. I only use my smart phone to listen to you tube where ever I go. I watch so much you tube I have a burnt a you tube sized video on the screen. Loooool

  6. I agree fully Paul. I went back to a flip phone with Consumer Cellular. I pay $36/month and am totally satisfied with the phone and the service. I see my friends hooked on their smart phones…. hope one day they will quit the habit!

  7. Incredible. I did that too last week and have more time. I didn’t realize how much I “looked” at my phone with FB Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter.

  8. Way to go, Paul! You have finally made it to the “real cowboy”, “real world”!  We never did go to the “smart” phone and have a flip phone with NO data plan on it. It is great having time to smell real flowers and talk to real people in person, have real relations, with zero distractions. Also you will be more in tune with YHWH and more sensitive to His leading. Welcome aboard! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  9. Wow what a concept. I wonder if I could do that because I am insurance business everything happens for me through my phone right now. Like quotes in the home and applications using my data from my phone. Perhaps someone could give me some suggestions.

  10. There’s a considerable amount of radiation that is harmful to the body that comes from cell phones and also Wifi. This can lead to a number of health issues, including serious damage to fertility.

    Google Barrie Trower, a gentleman from the Uk who explains in detail this problem and has much knowledge.

  11. Hey Raw Life Paul. You rock.
    Tip: Go on eBay. Buy a used Sprint service iPhone and switch out the IMEI chip! … Or just use it for the smart features, like mapping & GPS.
    I STILL use my iPhone 3gs as a main mobile phone & only as a goPhone on as need basis. Before then, I had flip phone, which I loved but lost the power cord; got used 3gs free & have had & been using still since I think 2011? Now developing mobile apps and have picked up a couple of decent phones for developing testers, but they work great. So … eBay, Craigslist. And get rid of the bill.
    Yup, smart phones are addicting. EMF rays are dangerous to your health per WHO.
    Yup — control / big brother society tracking us IS Now, and later smart phones have ability to grab your fingerprints too.

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