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Green Juice

In this video you can learn why it is great to drink green juices and smoothies out of wine bottles. If you are on a raw food diet, you must have at least one green juice a day. It will keep you nice and healthy.


14 thoughts on “Why I Drink Green Juice In A Wine Bottle

  1. Hello Brother i just wanted to ask you for your skype adress if you have one i wanted to add some believers into skype
    from all over the world so we can have a skype conversation one time i would really appreciate that 🙂 shalom

  2. That’s a great idea!  We have a Food Saver, so I do vacuum seal my juice in a mason jar – but if we didn’t have that, I would definitely try this!

    Debbie in WA Ü

  3. Thank you Paul.  Your beard looks so much better… I can share your videos to folks that aren’t used to looooong beards, BUT STILL need to hear your message!

  4. Thanks for the video!  🙂
    Maybe it’s already said (I’m not a native english-speaker, so it could be overheard….), but where did You get this vacuum-tool from?

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