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Driving Helmet

Many people call me crazy but I think everyone should drive on the highway with a helmet. Yes, even if they are in a car.


27 thoughts on “Why I Wear A Helmet When I Drive My Car

  1. YOU and my blacksmith are the ONLY 2 people who I ever knew that did this! Of course race car drivers do it, right? But this same blacksmith would bend over and lean under a horse with his head right near those hooves but he would put that on before he would get into his truck. Its totally safer I agree with you. No, you are not the only one.

  2. If that’s a helmet for a scooter then it is not going to help in a crash going 65 miles an hour. Helmets are made for safety at different speeds. And I don’t think that should be a law. There are airbags and seatbelts for safety. But it was a comical video!

    • Even so, the scooter helmet would help protect the wearer, in crashes at slower speeds. It is certainly better than nothing–and it can’t hurt to use one.

    • +k4kale Actually a study in Australia (CASR) demonstrated that bicycle style helmets offer as much protection against head injures as do airbags. They are even working on a “CASR protective head band” to be a lower profile helmet like device in the form of a “head band”.

    • +CIIR Interesting. But it would not protect the eyes from broken glass–I assume. We sure don’t need any more Big Brother laws–trying to assist the government in controlling our lives and stealing our freedoms.

    • k4kale Seat belts keep you from supermanning out the window and airbags are suppose to help. Helmets VS Airbags, Airbags create a whiplash and helmets absorb the shock. I do rally races and I know its racing but Its more dangerous to drive on a road because everybody’s not professional. some may have no experience

  3. Seriously, the idea of helmets in cars has merit–as long as it is not mandatory by law. We have way too many laws in this country, as it is.

    • yeshuaservant7 Lol we have a lot of laws that don’t apply to most people. but if you thought about it, they’re (Or at least some of them) there for a reason

  4. I am seriously thinking about wearing my motorcycle helmet in my car on long trips on the highway or the highway in general. Im sure the people that died from drunk drivers and head on collisions, glass cutting up their face or that piece of steel that went right into their head and killed them, wish they had a helmet on .

  5. I think it should be greatly considered by highway drivers. Think of it like Nascar racing. There hasn’t been fatality in Nascar for over 10 years, and yet they race over 150 mph. Yet thousands of people die in the US every month because of traffic incidents.

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