Why Joseph Israel Cut His Dreadlocks 17 Years
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27 thoughts on “Why Joseph Israel Cut His Dreadlocks after 17 Years

  1. Acupressure is ok. Acupuncture is not. It freezes your nerves and makes the pain go away by cheating the body into thinking that it is healing. Acupuncture is of Satan. More discernment brothers and sisters please and don’t call nobody a teacher as bible forbids it.

  2. It is nice to be nice to people but with the amount of insanity in the body of Christ you have to speak raw sometimes. I’d recommend Chris LaSala for a wakeup call to anybody who calls themselfs a born again believer.

  3. Yeshua had His crown of locks shorn and they jammed a crown of thorns on instead . They plucked out His beard . This why I believe His disciples and others did not recognise the risen Messiah . “Dreadlocks” were in , now they’re not . We don’t do what we do to be popular , locks or not . Bald head or dread head , there can be no compromise . We’re coming out of Babylon and going to Mount Zion .

  4. Wow!..haha..good for you Joseph for having that strength and faith brother. I do think it will hurt how people view you musically, but hey, that’s on them, Yah will handle all that..I actually still have fairly long hair, but no one ever sees it. People have known me for years and have no idea I have long hair. I actually struggled with this for a while, but scripture only says it should be “pulled”..so I never wear it down anymore. I have trimmed it high n tight on the side, and wear a ball cap (which is normal for me)..and when my ball cap or hat isn’t on, I leave it “pulled”..in a pony tail, but unless I’m grabbin’ the mail or something, no one but my wife or daughter even see that, so in reality, I’m used to “short(er) hair already. I actually feel weird if I try to go outside with my hair “down”.
    Change in the direction of Yahuah, is always a good thing..we’re only here a short time anyway, amein?
    Love you achi Joseph and Paul!

  5. Great interview, Paul !
    I loved the points both you and Israel brought up on changes and growing.
    In these last ten years if I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned that we each walk at the pace of the Ruach ,who takes us each individually in directions and understanding according to the Fathers will. Too many out there love to judge instead of loving individuals who are attempting to listen and walk as guided by the HIM.
    Praise and Blessings to you both,
    In Yeshua.

  6. Shalom Paul and all Youtubers.. I am thankful for the comments and concerns, and questions! I have no problem with anyone’s hair dread not dreads this was just a personal step for me! The hellfire doctrine of christianity and other religions is not biblical, as it promotes immortality of the soul, and eternal torment. However the wages of sin is death…. one day the wicked will be no more! May we all continue to learn and grow in truth! YAH bless and keep

  7. Joseph – great testimony and putting spreading the Father’s word in front of your looks and removing anything that might prevent you from reaching a different audience, very inspiring. YAHUWAH bless.

  8. Paul – 9.00 mins in – so glad you talked about change, i see my walk with the Father as a journey and i do change form year to year as i learn and understand more, and people think i am erratic because of it, but it just refining as every change is a step closer to what the Father wants, i never more further away, unless it is further away from the world, so why is that a problem?

  9. Genral enquiry – with the nazarite vow can you trim the hair on your upper lip? Just thinking about eating as i like to keep that part short are i end up playing with the hair when it grows over my upper lip, not an important question just interested is all.

  10. I enjoy Joseph he seems like a very kind man I met him in Lawrence KS we had a nice chat. I’m an atheist now but would love to talk about our mutual spiritual growth again someday.

  11. What about Kora’s rebellion when many many fell directly into the lake of fire, the earth opened up.What about the parable when the rich man call out and wanted to warn his brothers?What does everlasting mean when Yeshua refers to the lake of fire?The parable of the tree that don’t bear fruit are cut down and cast into the fire? This is the same lake of fire that was initially created for the fallen angels…those angels are eternal beings, thrown into everlasting fire…scripture refers to the smoke of their torment going up unto the Lord.
    My heart was also sad that this man did not address 1 Cor. 11 where it says it’s a shame for a man to have long hair.

  12. I think it is a very brave thing, i have locks for 4 years now. I think i can’t get myself to cut them.. But still he has a valid point on it all…

  13. I’ve got dreadies and the beauty in that is that its an individual choice to how you have your hair. Our life purpose is to bring glory to God I believe my hair which has taught me a lot and lead me to meet some incredible people is totally ok. I know there are those that read scripture and interpret it different but it you read the Bible in its entirety and not pick a verse and here and there you will see that glorifying God is our central purpose.

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