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  1. Many of us have simply checked out because we see that traditional values have been destroyed by third wave feminism which tells women that they must go out and work to be equal and the same as men, and the state fully facilitates this. Pastor you are correct that when the marriage ends the woman then weds the state which forcibly extracts resources from the man and then gives them to the woman. Because of this marriage is often a losing proposition for men who then turn around and retreat into porn and video games.
    The state then on top of this turns around and brings low IQ people into western nations and Europe, that have high birth rates. These people are being brought into nations that have high IQ and low birth rates because men are checking out.
    This is the fundamental cause of the destruction of western society. and it is being done deliberately by the elite to create an inbred and dumbed down mass of people that are easily controlled and permanently dependent upon the state which them allows them to stay in power indefinitely.

    • John Smith yes exactly and if that plan isn’t going as well or as fast as they’d like they take us all to war. Those NATO troops amassed in Europe didn’t get all dressed up for nothing. Kill off the male population, leaving no heirs, no genetics. Yep, a beast system designed to address our rebellion and HIS laws. An iron rod of correction. All the best.

    • justaman6972 and the best to you as well. it is a breath of fresh air to speak to an individual that is aware of what is going on.
      all is not lost, but things will need to be reversed rather quickly as I am sure you are aware.

    • John Smith indeed, there is still time, and the message will reach the minds its intended to reach, hopefully in time for it to matter. We are taught not to think, give us bread and games and it is enough..
      finding others in pursuit of Truth is refreshing, I’ve found that the truth cannot be told really, it must be experienced to be meaningful. A difference in knowing v/s believing.

    • justaman6972 as I have gotten older the truth has become more clear to me and easier to access. it is what I know is right based on my experiences as a child that was raised with discipline in an imperfect home but with two loving parents, it is what is in my gut, and it is the exact opposite of what we are told by the governmedia. Truth has been inverted to break up the family and to stifle the human spirit. I suspect that things will begin to swing the other way, but it does feel dire now for those of us whom do not recognize the world as we once knew it.

  2. I find more bitter than death
    the woman who is a snare, whose heart is a trap and whose hands are chains. The man who pleases God will escape her, but the sinner she will ensnare.
    “Look,” says the Teacher, “this is what I have discovered: “Adding one thing to another to discover the scheme of things – while I was still searching but not finding – I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all. (Ecc 7:26-28)

    • +Judy57 You cannot divorce yourself from the problems you speak of, and it’s not only in the black community, but all communities. You are part and parcel of those very problems. This goes back to the Communist infiltration in our schools and govenrment, most predominently the Feminist Womens Liberation Movement grounded in Marxist Critical Patriarchy Theory. You women have sold men out and replaced him with the State. You helped to created this male you speak so lowly of and now wish to cast him aside and wash your hands of him. This I cannot allow without placing it right in your face. Men and women BOTH have places, functions and roles in this world and must return to them if there is any hope for our civilization to survive. We are entering a critical demographic winter where child birth rates have dipped below replacement rates, which is why western govenrments are choosing unrestricted immigration for their needs of birthing taxpayers and warfighters. Our culture, heritage, traditions and bloodlines are being replaced as we speak. If you want men to get back where they belong, you must return there yourself first, because you were the first to leave that box when you sold out to the Communist State, which facillitated your creation of this man you despise. You raised him without a father in the house. You taught him whimsical and emotional female ways without a fathers logic, reason, and stoic strength to override them. You allowed him to run rampant in the street seeking mentorship and father figure status from deviants and degenerates. You taught him to be and act like a woman, which is why he is so effeminate and irresponsible. You taught him to be the way that he is. This responsibility and accountability rests squarely on your shoulders, and you have the obligation to reverse the course.

  3. Men are now sex obsessed, rather than looking for love as they once did. I mean, you ask your average male what love is and he will be unable to tell you.

    • Give the wall of silence to this troll. This is clearly a THOT with a ran through vagina a regret for all of the wickedness she has done, or a feminine man. Clearly this person is not sound minded, so stop the dialogue. Ignore feminists.

    • Ronin Wisdom I wouldnt say that dude he/she actually has a few good points. If more feminists/tradcons were like her/him they wouldnt be as much of a joke.

    • And is there another party that is ALLOWING these men to express their (supposedly newfound??) sexual obsessions, or are men all rapists?

      What an ignorant comment.

    • Seriously guys do you really want to live alone? I am a black woman waiting patiently for my man and I don’t. 50, 42, 59??? Oh Lord help me. I do not want to be alone but this is sad. To me its about being spiritually sound and connected with one another. One of the main things you should get out of this Pastor if you follow his that he’s been married for 30+ years. Therefore, it is possible. Stop being lazy and do the work! I did and now I understand the importance of submitting to my husband (when I get one…lol).

      In the bible (King James version…lol) it states to Love your wife the way you love God. It sound like you all need to love self. I’m trying to figure out why do I attract unavailable men. Most want to cheat on their wives/ex wife/girlfriend. Once I find out they are unavailable, I always ask why. They tell me why and I always tell them to get back to the moment when you first started dating. Anyways, I’m patiently wanting for a black man to take me out. Peace and blessings to you all. I wish you love and marriage..

    • And Ms…. we alll understand youre saying, WE GET IT!!! But #1 where are all these quality women that other women claim there is?? WHERE ARE THEY??? #2, Do you not see how the courts are raping men with no lube when the marriage goes sour?? I swear to god, I have 2 co workers that are hard working men, good well rounded men that are going through some BULLSHIT with there soon to be ex wives… I dont want to be alone but Ill be damn if i get screwed by a woman and a court if things go wrong. I suggest, women start a petition to change the divorce/child support/alimony laws… how does that sounds?? LOL the funny thing is, I HIGHLY doubt women will do that, because everything benefits women…

    • +Purecia Matthews The Equal concept throws out the truth that men and women have roles, each has certain things they should be doing in a family and in a relationship. As you said your parents both served, even in the military we all know how to do things many skills, but we all have roles as well, Feminists think that men should be as women and do their job, instead of being the natural leader that GOD created them to be. Men specialize in doing his job as a man, and so do women and that is where the problem comes in, women think that them doing their is like slavery taking care of the home, cleaning, cooking, caring for the children, having a home based business. Women think a man’s job is easier till they get out in the world, and find out that most of the jobs they choose to work do not pay as much as men, and that they tend to take far more time off than men do so they get paid less then most men, so they get angry at their men because now she is doing both a man’s job and still has to go home and do her job too. Women put themselves into that place, by allowing the jealousy of angry Feminists who are not attracting men especially these days, since women bully men with the courts and the legal system, so men are opting out leaving the mess that women created for themselves, they wanted to act like men so let them without men, as they say “They don’t need a man expect for sex” which they get a lot of these by many men, but not the family they once wanted. Satan is very happy with what women chose work in the world and money before family!

    • Adriana Morales please learn how to write sentences before commenting again. Even if it is full of bullshit, people would at least be able to make sense of it.

  4. As a MGTOW I can tell you why we are refusing to get married. It’s because #1 Like PastorDowell said, wives can not only take your children for no reason (they can divorce you without any good reason and then take the children) but they can force you to pay her to raise your children, and she may very well raise them to hate you by telling them lies about how you don’t want to see them, while all along she is the one keeping you from them. Women get primary or full custody 80-90% of the time. This is not because men are bad fathers, it’s because the courts have a massive bias in women’s favor and at the expense of men. #2 Women file for 70% of divorces. It’s the women doing most of the divorcing, not men. #3 Women can go after you for child support in some states in America even if the child isn’t yours and even if she had the child before you even met her. All you have to do is date a single mother for 6 months and then she can go after you for child support. #4 women are natural cheaters and liars and yet their reputation in society is better than the reputation that men have. Men are thought of as the cheaters of humanity but when you look at the evidence, studies have shown that women cheat more often than men, earlier than men, and with more extra-marital partners than men. #5 Women do not care about men. Women look at men as wallets. Women want a man to take care of her so she won’t have to work. She wants a man to do everything for her, and all she provides in exchange is sex. Sex is no longer enough. We want women who actually provide something beyond sex and perhaps good looks. We men are demanding more. #6 Women these days are not chaste. Who wants to marry a woman who has had sex with several men before you? Who wants to marry a girl who isn’t a virgin? Women who aren’t virgins are much less able to emotionally bond with subsequent men who they have sex with. #7 Women are constantly complaining about how men are privileged and yet women are the ones who are twice as likely to not be prosecuted for the same crimes as men. Women are the ones who only serve half the time in prison that men do (once again, for the same crimes!). Women are the ones who are 1/10th as likely as men to commit suicide after divorce (because women are the ones destroying men in the divorce and family courts, men are losing, women are winning, that’s why women don’t commit suicide after divorce very often but men commit suicide after divorce 10 times as often as women). #8 Women do not appreciate past benefits that men have provided to women. Women perpetually have the attitude of “what have you done for me lately?” So if a guy gets injured and can’t work anymore and he’s 55 years old, then if he can no longer easily provide for her anymore then she will leave him. #9 Women believe they are special and so they demand to be treated better than they treat their man. They have a very selfish “me, me, me” attitude. #9 Men have woken up to the fact that they are healthier, happier, and wealthier without women. Women are stressful, vitality draining, and wealth draining. #10 Women often get pregnant “accidentally” (but really on purpose) and they do so without even consulting the guy. They do things like this to keep the guy from leaving her, and then she will often use the kids as leverage to keep him around, she won’t let him see his kids unless he gets back together with her. If he breaks up with her then she keeps him from seeing his children. #11 Prenups are worthless. It is extremely easy for a woman to get a prenup thrown out. Most prenups are invalidated and that’s why you can’t even protect yourself with a prenup. So that’s why avoiding marriage and long-term relationships altogether is the only way for a man to survive in America in 2016 (and for the foreseeable future). I could go on but I’ll stop here.

    • +Red Shift When I said “wow” it wasn’t because I was not aware of the history of feminism and the present legal situation, it is because of all the cynicism and seemingly nihilistic attitude and approach. I understand why you’re upset, trust me, my dad raised my brother and I as a single parent and fought our (at the time) unfit mother tooth and nail through the legal system in order to do so. It was a long, hard road for many years. But my father is not bitter in the slightest and he’s the farthest thing from a MGTOW. It’s frustrating yes but neither this route nor AI is going to solve this. Only men and women coming together, regardless of how challenging that will be, is the only way to rectify things. Separating ourselves from one another simply will not do, we’ll have to unify and mend things eventually lest our species dies out!

    • Red shift you must be talking about a white woman because the last time I check the women’s movement doesn’t have nothing to do with black women. Unfortunately, the feminist you are referring to I cannot relate to at all! Oh am by the way, if you and I ever get married, you can have custody of the kids. More than likely, I will be making more money than you so I will pay you alimony. You can keep the house and the dog too! LOL Seriously, I yarn to be submissive to my black husband. The problem is, you all are busy chasing the very woman you complain about – white women! You are not looking at me even with my fine self so your argument has to come much strong bro. If I didn’t know any better it sound like you got hurt and woman to blame it on every woman you come across. Blessing

    • +MusicFilmArtLover, Ahhh, the old “a woman must have hurt you” cliché. Keep telling yourself that. It won’t change the misandric laws that are driving men to go MGTOW. I notice you didn’t address any of the statistics that I mentioned. You didn’t address them because they’re true and you can’t refute them. Get the misandric laws repealed if you want to have any hope of MGTOW dying off, because as long as the laws remain unchanged (much less continue to get worse (and they ARE getting worse) ) MGTOW will continue to grow and grow and never disappear.

  5. Many single women today have their bodies littered with tattoos, multiple children, foul mouths, smoke cigarettes, use drugs, drink, hang out at bars and clubs, dress inappropriately, gossip, etc. What decent man would want to marry such a creature?

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