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31 thoughts on “Why People Are Ignorant of Silver

  1. I still need an answer about EZEKIEL 7:19 – “They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed; their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of The Most High…”  The people who own the MAJORITY of all silver and gold are the same people who run this wicked worldly system we live in to this very day. One member of a Rothschild or Rockefeller family (just one) probably owns a million times more silver and gold than everybody who visits your channel ‘combined’.  Judging by how you advocate buying precious metals , one would have to ascertain that the power brokers and global elite would always maintain the upper hand because they have the majority of the wealth. Therefore, The Most High would be powerless to do anything about it, let alone deliver His people from this captivity…all because silver and gold reign supreme and whoever possesses the most metal rules the day.  Please explain.

    • +Adventure Capitalist  Last thought…When Yashua was telling his disciples about the destruction that would come to Jerusalem, why didn’t he take the time to tell them to buy silver and gold so they could survive the siege? Maybe he forgot. But what he did tell them was when they see the armies coming … RUN! Those who ran made it into northern Africa and lived. Those who stayed in the city either died or were captured and sold into slavery.

    • +Zacchur Ben-Israel no. you may have a misconception about God. God is the almighty Supreme Being. God is Spirit. No one has seen God. he is not weak. He is in absolute supreme control.
      in other words, if He wanted to change one thing, He would. and could.

    • +Adventure Capitalist If you consider the backside something to be seen… I think Moses saw him…   and he also said that he would not change anything that come out of his mouth.  Thus, him saying that, would make it become the law of the universe.  The few times in the bible where it says he repented… its a ‘mistranslation’  because he always gave the good side and the bad side to any promise.  In Nineva for instance, he repented of the evil he promised to do to the city, but that was a condition of them repenting, which was already established before Jonah went… 

    • +LaserActiveGuy no. Jesus said that God is Spirit. No one has seen God. He saw the pre manifestation of Jesus, The Christ, which was manifested since the beginning of time. Jesus is the medium by which we can see anything spiritual manifested in the flesh. but, God is Spirit. therefore He can create any laws He wants. and of those laws, are economic laws. that precious metals will hold value until the last day.

    • +Zacchur Ben-Israel one does not have to trade silver for medicine. silver is medicine.
      bacteria cannot adhere to silver. that is why our cookware and tableware is made out of silver. hence the term silverware. but in our current lowering of the standards of life, we use stainless steel as our silverware. which has allowed us to lose the concept of silver, and it’s value, in our lives.
      all the while. bacteria cannot adhere to silver. silver, medicinally, is more valuable than iodine. and iodine is what it is used by hospitals during the surgery process. all pure silver can be made into wire which when used with purified water and a 12-volt battery can produce colloidal silver. it can be made into a tonic to drink, or a salve to put on our bodies. all other antibacterials do not compete with silver. silver is truly a gift from God.
      so what is more valuable, food or medicine? I do not know. but if I had a choice, I I would have warehouses full of food and water. and I would have storehouses of silver as medicine. and I would cherish both going into difficult times.
      Zacchur, do not be dismayed. do not be troubled. the glory of God is His. it goes before all things. it covers all things. It is His. be blessed.

  2. ok pastor Dowell tell me this what about the laws that prohibit the use gold and silver if the currency fails like back in the great depression

    • +PastorDowell well you would think they would try to do something to try to preserve the currency and if we traded with gold and silver it would take from the dollar

    • +PastorDowell if we all traded with silver right now it would collapse the dollar so there has to be something against it part of the reason why Kadafi lost his life was cause of the currency right

  3. For more info on The Federal Reserve System you should read the book “The Creature from Jeckyl Island” by G. Edward Griffen. It will blow your mind, give you an education, and change how you think of our country and it’s monetary system.

  4. What good, exactly, would gold or silver be in a SHTF/WROL situation? You can’t eat or drink it. It’s not very good for building shelter and doesn’t burn very good. Can’t wrap it around you to keep you warm. I don’t get it. I’d rather have ammo and loading components to trade in such an environment.

  5. Some of you silver antagonists baffle me. How long do some of you think the collapse will take? Your guns, food, fuel, etc are to get you through. When and if you survive and come out the other side a new currency will be established. What do you think that new currency will be bought with? HARD ASSETS. Some of you Rambo wannabes need to consider the time line 20 years out.

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