24 thoughts on “Why Raw Food Is Better Than Meat Eating

    • +E-Z On Raw I would like to say that was true but I can’t. It is the best diet and from there each person should see what they are not getting. I know you are trying to do you best in promoting a raw diet but man I am telling you I’ve seen too many people long term get them selves in trouble believing and living that way. Have an open mind. Eat 100% raw vegan and if it is working and you don’t need supplements great, but keep an eye on your blood work and you should be fine. best to you!

    • Yes, I believe so too. I do implement a barley grass powder because i can’t get great fruit all of the time. I also use small seeds, hemp or flax in small amounts. These are all apart of the family, I appreciate what you do I just needed to make myself clear 🙂

  1. Ive fasted for 30 days on just spring water and then went to eating 100% raw fruits, leafy greens and some small seeds and have NEVER EVER been deficient in anything. I only supplement with b12 injection.

    • Ive been vegan for 5 years, raw vegan for 3. Ive fasted before with Doug Graham for 14 days and then 30 days two weeks prior to that, afterwards eating ONLY fruits and vegetables, no supplements. I had comprehensive bloodwork done and have never had any deficient in any nutrient whatsoever. 

    • +E-Z On Raw That explains it. You are pretty much a newbie. I understand your passion for raw. Really I am just trying to help you here. I’ve been doing this a long time and seen many people doing this. Most so called comprehensive blood Test are junk. Trust me man, no one would like to see the raw vegan diet work without needing supplements more than me but you have to cover your bases. Check out http://americanmetaboliclaboratories.net get Did you take these tests? if not I suggest you do and let me know how it went. Best to you. Keep promoting raw. It is the way to go!

    • +The Raw Life Health Show Ok obviously you don’t quite understand that raw foods truly are, the most nutrient dense foods there is! The longer you go eating raw foods as much organic as possible the LESS chance you have of becoming deficient in anything! I have seen other have deficiencies as well, so what? Does that mean the diet does not work, no, it simply means they are lacking something that they themselves have not been getting…

    • +E-Z On Raw what I mean to say is that, yes that maybe going raw will expose someone of their weakest link or “missing” thing, but that is not to say that it cannot be corrected easily as you mentioned in the video if supplication is required. So yeah, raw foods is the way to go 🙂

  2. TO make the statement, that our soils are devoid of vital organic elements is SUCH a broad statement. My local farmers are VERY good doing what they need to get the best bang for their buck…

    • No enough what? Michael Arnstein runs 150+ mile races all on raw food, he has never had a deficiency and was even on the news recently talking about it…

    • +The Raw Life Health Show the video on youtube you should watch is the war of the anti christ and ben joseph connection-Chris White nilson make sure your life right with Jesus God bless

  3. something i have been struggling with is a lot of hatred. People always have a negative reaction when they find out you are vegan. i don’t tell people, but occasionally i go to the cafeteria to ask for a vegan cookie/cake (horrible, i know) and people are always making derogative remarks about my food choices of not eating meat/animal products

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