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Raw Food

The raw food diet is great but you can still have gas if you eat this way. In this video I explain how people who eat a raw food diet can still have excess gas. I also give suggestions how to avoid it.


17 thoughts on “Why Raw Food Makes You Fart

  1. After I was a raw vegan for just a few months my gasses never smell. I just release them slowly most of the time so people don’t get scared. Hahahhaa Today I put some pumkin seeds in my salad so I am sure I will have gas. Seeing as I don’r think the pumpkin seeds are raw that will cause issues too. Have a gassy fun day. Hahaha

  2. in my opinion gas is ok and natural… all animals have gas even the wild ones and they know what to eat… the problem is if you have gas all the time and if it has rotten smell, like a septic pit or something dieing, or we call them nuclear farts with our friends… you should look into what your doing because that can’t be good in a long run 😉

  3. Well, he didn’t considered a major factor from my POV- psychological condition(at that time/mindset/or whatever) of a person in contention, you could probably get gas and other health problems no matter how correctly you eat

  4. how much gas is being made is it bad for the environment and not just the one around my body lol but really are we trading cow farts for human farts???? excuse me I have to pass gas. fol.

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