Why Raw Vegan is THE BEST!!!

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33 thoughts on “Why Raw Vegan is THE BEST!!!

    • What type of grains do you eat btw? Do you cook them? I like to sprout naked oats and make salads or the raw oatmeal recipe I have on my youtube chanel, I also like buckwheat sprouts or Wheat or barley sprouts!

    • +The Raw Life Health Show paul nison you should watch Awake Souls he has great videos also watch his video about the true name of the Creator, he says also the True name of Yeshua could be Yahawashi not for sure but he made a good point and also his video about chemtrails how we need to pray that Yahweh protect the body of Yeshua and our enemys by sending His faithful angels to fight on our behalf cause chemtrails comes from crappy fallen angels and devils any ways keep doing the will of Yahweh and stay faithful to Yeshua to the end until you die or until Yeshua returns after the great tribulation if your still a live

    • i am going with organice brown/red/black rice, organice vegetable and organice flax seed, millet before eaten. i started raw on my vegan journey but i struggle with too much fruits. for most people is it easier with starches LIKE john mcdougall says. let’s say, if you are very very healthy, maybe you not even have to eat that much. a german channel eats only 1 big raw salat, self sprouted sprouts. but it seems if you are not very healthy, with more calories/carbs and starches, you are doing very well. 🙂

      let’s face it, for 100s of years do 100s of mio. of people very very well on rice. so rice is the most accepted not raw food. clean rice can never be bad and wrong. no one has to live perfect to be healthy and through this, CRAZY world.

      chemical, emotional and physical stress are more important to consider than a perfect diet. a healthy good diet is enough if the rest is taken care.

  1. idk man when i was raw vegan eating alot and still about 120 pound stick cooked vegan i was about 145 150 tops bench press max about 115 i did a 3 week meat eating experiment after two years of being vegan my weight shot up to exactly where i wanted to be around 160 in 3 weeks and ik it wasnt fat because my bench shot up from 115 to 150 in just 3 weeks without touching a single weight during the whole 3 weeks

    • +The Raw Life Health Show im quite aware of that however if i am massivly stronger in comparison to bodyweight eating meat that clearly indicates i cannot maintain optimal levels of fitness on a vegan diet problably do to lack of protein i dont think half of the vegans out there would stay vegan if they accepted they cant be as strong on a vegan diet

    • Yes- but, at a price in society of all kinds of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases- like athritis, heart disease – skin and bowel diseases- there is more to health than what you can bench press in weights- also, countless people get spine injuries and venous problems that manifest later in life from lifting unnatural heavy gym weights we were never meant to overdo –

    • Vegan athlete Kendrick Farris broke the record for weightlifting. There are tons of vegan body builders and weightlifters out there- I have several vegan friends who are massively muscle-y as vegans. This is a health channel so kind of out of place comment really. If you want info on vegan weightlifting go to that kind of channel, not one about healing disease and healthy lifestyle choices.

    • +Sarah foolish not only was my fitness levels sub optimal so was my immune system i got sick every 3 weeks for a 6 month time period back on meat and i get sick the standard few times a year tops how can i be so much healthier as a vegan if im getting sick 10x more often and u say ur fit as a vegan but fitnees goes beyond just not being fat and running long distance muscularly i bet ur undernourished and ur body isnt at its potential

  2. i got a challenge for u mr raw vegan supported hit the weights test urself if u can manage to get ur bench press max above 200 on a raw vegan diet ud blow my mind everyone on the raw diet just talks about how they can but never actually do anything get the bench press up to 200 pounds and prove it once and for all already 200 pound bench is not alot there are plenty of people who bench over 350 pounds naturally

  3. I really enjoyed this video!
    Thank you for sharing your life and inspiring others through your videos!
    It’s important to have a healthy relationship with food and you really seem to show people what it’s like to enjoy food in a healthy way 🙂
    I wish you the best of luck on your YouTube journey 🙂
    If you ever get a moment please check out my channel as I’m a vegan vlogger too, and I’m just starting my adventure with full time travel!
    Best wishes and I’m looking forward to following your journey.
    P.S. I just subscribed! 🙂 xx

  4. I plan to go raw vegan at some point, but 100% vegan is good enough for now.
    I personally wouldn’t recommend vegetarian – milk contains carcinogenic protein casein. Not to mention the horrendous cruelty in the dairy, egg, fish industries. And planetary destruction.

    • +The Raw Life Health Show but then what does vegetarian mean to you?
      I thought vegetarians consumed dairy, eggs and even fish (because obviously fish is a vegetable ;))
      As far as I know, honey is also not ours to take and I’ve actually heard of cruelty towards bees…?

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