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Can a Christian commit suicide and still be saved? Would a Christian commit suicide? This is not as easy as people make it seem, let’s learn more.

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23 thoughts on “Why would a believer Consider Suicide

  1. Those 3 times, in the bible,
    referencing suicide:
    -job, saying to his wife,
    “curse God and die then”
    -saul,falling on his sword
    -judas,hanging himself
    ALL 3 of those, were born from COMPLETELY different mental,spiritual and emotional
    Experiences, and Motives.
    We all are a thunderstorm 🌩
    …the most profound event,
    in my walk…is why i read, JOB,first,
    at 17 years old, after i got saved,
    in the “potter’s house”,
    in Parker, Arizona …later baptized
    in an Oregon river a few months later,double rainbow in the sky
    At THAT moment…decades ago.
    Who reads JOB first, as a newborn?
    …when i got saved, i couldn’t stop crying, for weeks…,because i felt, like i had a dead husband,
    that i never got to hug…
    it was as awful,
    as it was comforting.

  2. Often time the biggest lie the enemy uses that what what we are going through won’t end, that nothing will change, the pain we feel is permanent and endless. That there is nothing we can do, that no matter what we do nothing will change. That we are helpless, hopeless, and trapped where we are. It’s all lies. All lies. We are never too far away from the Creator, even if feels like He isn’t close He is only a prayer away.

  3. Suicide isn’t cowardly…it’s desperation to make the pain stop. I wasn’t trying to escape my creator at all. I was a Christian, but had no Torah awareness. It was 2 years after my son died..6 years ago now. My son Jerid was 19 and I was his caregiver for 19 yrs. He died at home, took 11 horrible hours. I am here, and humbly grateful for it…yet, when you hear others call it the easy way out, cowardness, etc. Can be hurtful. We are to help and have empathy not judgement.

  4. Until I knew Yeshua and gave my life to him I was plagued with thoughts that were not my own, suicide plagued me after the exact things mentioned in this video. I begged the Lord for help and he did. Through the past few years I’m so ashamed of ever having those thoughts and I can’t see how I ever felt those things. Yahway saved me although I didn’t deserve such Grace. Truly surrendering to our Lord , surrender to Yeshua changes you to a new person and saves you in so every way you need. Yeshua saved me from addiction and from my thoughts and emotions and he can do it for all of us.

  5. I have a message that Yahweh is done with me anyway too many times have I been a prodigal son and I am now. If all is so void why does he allow me to even exist I just don’t get it. I’ve created My Own Prison and I can’t get out everything is meaningless to me there’s no hope. Can I psychologically make someone else kill me and it be valid for me not doing it to myself how can I get away with death that’s the question

  6. Is there anyone out there that would be a true accountability partner to me or a mentor or something? I can’t believe I’m even trying shabbat shalom to all. Please don’t allow my lack of faith to distort your own you’re worth it yet not all of us are that can’t be possible. Shalom shalom

  7. I don’t know how to give it all up I don’t know how to give 100% I was never taught. I don’t think Yahweh accepts to even hear my prayers anymore

    • He hears them. Keep praying, I will pray too if you want. There have been many times when I thought the same thing, but later I found He was listening. Keep the faith, I know that we go through times like that. But He does hear you:) I think The LORD wants me to tell you that, He hears you.

    • Ya’aqov -Blessed be the name of Yahweh. He is the one and only way and that is through Yahshua. I can help if you need but the remedy is always the same. Don’t ever believe the lie that he doesn’t hear that you aren’t worthy. He does and he offers mercy

  8. I’m thankful every day that He rescued me from a sad, dark place. The enemy does try to make you feel hopeless and lost but Our Heavenly Father is GREATER and He will help those who cry out to Him. Praise and glory to Him 🕊🙌🏻

  9. who was the Christian who started his ministries after surviving suicide who recently passed away? I couldn’t understand His name?

  10. Anyone who commits suicide even if a Believer does not enter heaven. Its a sin that has not been been repented of. Too many stories of people who have seen hell attempting suicide.
    The Holy Spirit in us wouldn’t allow that!!

  11. I pray for those who are going through these things. I know what it is like to have my life turned upside down, and it was VERY difficult. But since I have given my life to Him, I have not had the same mentality as before, Praise The LORD.

  12. Thank you, brothers. Your words ministered to me. I am a survivor of several suicide attempts. My mind & heart are being healed & I am drawing near to our , Heavenly Abba.
    Love & blessings in Yahweh to you – Shabbat Shalom ❤️

  13. PLEASE research the origin & first usage of the 3 letter English word “God”. “God IS NOT WHO we have been told “God” is.

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