“You are what you eat” is a good rule of thumb, but if your body is unable to absorb the nutrients, good food won’t do you any good. The key is good gut health!

We’re going to talk to pharmacist Billy Wease about the importance of digestion, enzymes, and nutrient absorption. And it’s going to give you… a health awakening.



4 thoughts on “Why You Need Digestive Enzymes (Guest: Billy Wease) | THE HEALTH AWAKENING | Ep. 123

  1. This is great! I take Pantoprazole to cut down on acid since 2017. Gallbladder was removed in 2017, my movements have been like the pudding that Scott showed with his pudding, sorry for the visual;-). I need this and fast…. I can’t seem to put on good weight or have consistent good movements. Eyes are always tired and bloodshot…

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