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We don't choose our leaders, God does! No matter the politics, God sets leaders in place for specific reasons at specific times and we need to pray for them! This week on Shabbat Night Live, Michael Rood urges prayer for our leaders and explains why doing so is critical!

Jeremiah’s warning to ancient Israel holds true for America today: If we do not heed the awakening trump to return to our founding principles, and if we do not return to the Torah, we will soon be taken captive by our enemies.

In this 8-part teaching series, Michael delves into the book of Jeremiah with the intention of exposing how America is falling into the same perversion as ancient Israel — a much-needed wake-up call to those who seek the Truth.

CONDEMNATION: The Jeremiah Verdict is a call to action. You will be inspired to fast and to pray. You will discover radical new meaning in the book of Jeremiah, and you will be driven to keep the faith once delivered to the saints.


17 thoughts on “Why You Should Pray for The President⎢FULL EPISODE

  1. There’s not that many honest people now day’s trust in your self before you trust in any other.Trust in God Lord Jesus Christ our savior believe in him he well show you the real world his world not no others.Amen☝️👆🖕🙏

  2. Thanks Bro. Mike. Yes, we must pray for All our leaders. But as Christians we also have a responsibility to know who is representing and promoting godly policies and Vote for them. Sadly, today to vote for Democrats is to condone and promote the murder of inocente babies in the womb, to approve of and celebrate homosexuality and lesbianism, to agree with socialism and surrender your rights to the government. Once upon a time the majority of Democrats were moderate, Not anymore. They have allowed their party to be hijacked by the radical socialist left ideologues who care more about victimizing minorities to enlarge their own power, than allowing those same great Americans to create, prosper and build up their own prosperous nation under God.

  3. SHALOM, Glorified, Magnified, and Sanctified, Thy KINGdom Come, Thy WILL is Done! So Be This! AMEN: (Psalms 33:10), “Sing joyfully to ]YEHOVAH / YESHUA YOSHIA[, righteous ones, praise is beautiful from the upright.” By the mouth of the upright You shall be praised; By the lips of the righteous shall You be blessed; By the tongue of the devout shall You be exalted; And among the holy shall You be sanctified.” (Magnify, Glorify, Sanctify Praise, Blessed is HIS Name!) #WWG]shalom[WGA

  4. I prefer the term Servant of God the Father. I have gave him my life and told him to do with me as he wills. I pray daily for him to control my tongue because I believe that is the easiest way to offend him and beg that others can see him in me.

  5. Just returned from seeing The Trump Prophecy that was shown at our local theater thru Fathom Events. That was the “TAKE-AWAY” Pray for our President, country and leaders….At the end of the film, people reflected on:
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. TY MICHAEL & STAFF

  6. Dangggggg Rood, u is on FIRE! Glad to see prayers answered for ur health. U shud charge $20-30 anytime u do a teaching by urself. Urself with (a) guest(s) is fine for free yt, but Danggggg I cud afford it on top of my tithes, n i’m po! 200ppl paying times $20=4000 dollar wknd. A time (20), times (40) n 1/2 a time (10) lol

  7. Great Teaching Brother, you always perk up my ears and convict me at some point. I yearn for the old paths for sure. May you be richly blessed always.

  8. The mortgage and all credit is slavery. They take those instruments and trade them on wall Street daily. Birth certificates puts all those who choose them into slavery, courts put people in prison for no victim. Much slavery happening including public education and healthcare..please Christian, wake up!

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