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Will a mask stop the spread of COVID-19? Will a mask help you or others? Will it make things worse for those who have the virus? What kind of mask is best if you have to wear one? And why is everyone just believing what they’re told? Dr. Aaron Ernst is about to give you… a Health Awakening.

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24 thoughts on “Will A Mask Stop COVID-19? (Guest: Aaron Ernst) | THE HEALTH AWAKENING

  1. My city madated masks in businesses April 13. Now governor Nephew Newsom has a statewide decree for masks. Ironically his mandate was enacted June 16th, after masks finally were available from China. He gave China a billion dollars to produce masks while millions of Americans are unemployed. Now my city is terrified of losing millions of covid $s, so we must comply. I sew single layer fabric masks and wash them often.

  2. CV disease and global shutdown is designed to reset the global economy to a digital currency. If you eat carbs all day long you need a hazmat suit. Otherwise it’s a hoax.

  3. This ought to give the “fact checkers” something to do…

    “The vaccine that is coming…
    As many of you heard Moderna is in stage 3 of their vaccine testing. If all goes well it’ll become federal law to get the vaccine. Here’s something many of you don’t know, guess who the first CEO of Moderna was? A Cornell graduate by the name of Anthony Fauci, who was a roommate with none other than Bill Gates. Are you paying attention? It was at Cornell that Bill Gates designed the RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and patened it under US2006257852. Are you awake yet? Now let’s really go down the rabbit hole. Moderna was a pharmaceutical company that started in Germany under the name IG Farben. IG Farben is infamous for it’s mass production of Zyklon-B, the primary gas used to kill millions during the Holocaust. After Germany fell, IG Farben was dissolved and its assets sold off by a Nazi turned American by the name of, you guessed it, George Soros. Soros rebranded the company as Moderna. And who was the primary stockholder of Moderna until his death? Jeffrey Epstein. His role in Moderna is where he made his fortune and established his connections. Let that sink in.
    Wake up people! You are being conditioned and controlled.”

  4. Viruses, germs and bacteria are microscopic, meaning the cloth and paper masks we see are next to worthless. Our biggest organ is our skin, and the 3 named items easily go in our skin, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Just build your immune system! The worst germs, like MRSA are in HOSPITALS!

  5. I use size small or medium women’s lacey crotchless panties or lacey see-thru panties for a face mask and wear them to the store and even my doctors. They look like any black mask out there until you get real close, I have had a few ladies ask me if those are women’s panties so far they have just stopped and talked and got a good laugh and said they liked them. Give it a try you can breathe great when wearing them as a mask.

  6. So, if you can reinfect yourself and get the Gentile Disease over and over again, then you are nothing more than a Typhoid Mary, doomed to infect everyone else for Eternity? (Or until you die?)
    That’s Dark…

  7. Not all of us believe in masks, in fact we are having to fight the state over this issue. Masks are mandatory even outside. If we are seen walking around outside without a mask we will be fined.

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