Please somebody tell me what happen to the modest, clean wholesome, virtuous woman?
Where is the clean women of today?

Please watch: "Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned"



28 thoughts on “Woman You Are Not The Head of The Home

    • +PastorDowell Well this one is very true, but yet again this describes the sinful cursed woman.
      And these kind, nor the submissive kind, being ruled by a man can’t be found in the Kingdom: which is in Wrath.

    • +PastorDowell yeah well ive been alone for 10 years now from 20 to 30, i was not the best but much better than most and maybe cuz of that i had to steer clear many times to avoid beating the crap of them jezebels also not to give any satisfaction to their ugly unleashing, i did not suffer them i did not comply nor let them rule so they did not suffer me and i kinda gave up, mountains, Bible and caves are waiting for me:)

    • I hope your good to her,,and love her , and show her ! Pastor she looks phisically tired , I know you drag her out bed, or can’t wait for her to get up when you get on YouTube ,and get fired up. I m fifty, I’ve done a lot of hard labor ,my back gets tired, after I stop working ,my back and feet say no you dont

  1. You know Pastor dowell i believe there are a lot of woken out here who are good women and want to be a good wife and. Mother but a lot of the men today aren’t seeking that.

  2. that’s great you are a real man but many independent women can’t deal with the boss mentality of a man.  would rather remain single or marry a 70 year with one foot in the grave……

  3. Pastor how do you put them in place? Verbally? Physically or simply disassociation? I have found that walking away with a firm and self defensive demeanor works best. Otherwise I don’t want to end up smackin a “ho” or even worse arguing with her and bringing myself down to her level. I was just curious how you deal with them.

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