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There are many things said today about women covering their head. What is the truth about women who cover up? In this video I talk about these topics.


20 thoughts on “Women and Head Coverings; Custom or Command?

  1. Good video, but why do you always use the word conviction? The only time the Bible alludes to the word conviction it’s talking about unsaved people.

  2. Thank you so much for your ministry. Covering and dressing modestly has been such a blessing to me. My husband, unfortunately, is not a believer, and is embarrassed by my modesty and covering, so as a compromise, I do not cover when we are all out as a family together, but when it is just myself and my children, I cover always. It is encouraging to me to watch your videos, to know I am obeying Yahweh, and still honoring my husband. Thank you for what you and your wife do.

  3. @Paul Nisan. Actually, just a little later in the letter (14:37) Shaul tells us that we should know that the things he is writing to them in this long letter ARE commands of Yahweh. I do not take time to debate with rebellious hearted women over this matter. I appreciate you tackling this subject. Keep it up brother. Shalom

  4. I’d advise you to do what you are convicted to do regardless if your church likes it or not. If they don’t say anything to you about it don’t say anything to them but if they tell you you can’t be there with a head covering I’d leave and find a better church.

  5. Shalom, Paul! I have previously worn head coverings but this was when my dad was on vacation. Ever since he came back, I’ve been afraid to wear them around him. He doesn’t know I own some head scarfs. But I’ve been having dreams of buying coverings etc. and I’m really convicted. What if he says I can’t wear them? I say that because he thinks I’m taking the “Torah thing” too far. Do I honor him by listening and going against my conviction?

  6. Something you need to pray about how to approach the situation but have faith that is you follow your heart and if your heart is for Yahweh all will be fine.

  7. I hate those screen burkas that the muslim women wear! They are walking around in a wearable prison and according to their beliefs, they have to accept beatings from their husbands. If a woman chooses to cover her head out of obedience/respect for YHVH, I’m sure it’s ok to wear a beautiful scarf with flowers on it. Our faith is to set us free not imprison us.

  8. I’ve seen the video you mention at the end of this one, and yes, I was crying like… well, a baby! Cover your hair ladies. It’s well worth it in the end.

  9. Tudah achy, for strengthening our arms to be set-apart unto YHUH. It’s not easy to get the looks and snares from the public and get turned down from the jobs, but keep encouraging the women to do righteously.

  10. Half of the truth is just another lie. Where at in Torah does it say that a woman must wear a head covering? The words of Paul does not supersedes the Word of The Father. The Father was clear when he sad do not add to or take away from his law. Why are you perpetuating the command that Paul gave, is he greater than The Father’s Word?

  11. I was strongly convicted to wear a headcovering, and I covered continuously for 2 years straight.  During that time, most of the time, I was asked if I was a Muslim, or a nun.  But I was faithful to cover…..until one day I woke up and had two huge bald spots on each side of my fine, thin hair.  Stopped wearing them after I realized that there was NO torah command to wear one, and that I was basically “adding” to YaH’s word.  There is a difference between command and custom of the people at the time.  Married women covered their hair, and men grew beards to show the world they were married-now we have wedding rings for that.   It’s been nearly a year since I stopped covering (although I do still cover at church on Shabbat), and I am STILL trying to grow those bald spots back in my hair!  YaH does not want me to be bald………

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