The second installment of our Word Studies series is a six-part exploration of the ancient biblical prayer called “The Shema” (found in Deuteronomy 6:4-6). For thousands of years Jewish people have daily prayed these words which summarize the Bible’s call for faithfulness and devotion to God. We will explore all of the key words in this prayer and what they meant in their original language and historical context.


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  1. Absolutely love the format. Hebrew is an amazing language. Truly given by God. Words chosen to convey certain ideas have such deep meanings. One argument atheists bring, about how the original scriptures were changed, and therefore lost their original meanings, are almost in the shadow of being correct. None of the stories or actual doctrines changed, but they actually have lost some of their original intentions from the old testament at least. The Bible Project is bringing these concepts back into common knowledge. Things most people who never went to seminary would not know. Keep up the good work!

    • Kristin j.r. I absolutely agree and I praise the Lord for this project!!!! Sharing such precious content with anyone from the whole world who is interested in. May God bless you guys!
      Muito obrigada!

    • He used I AM, a lot of times when he was preaching,what do you think that was? coincidence? And FYI when Pilate talks to Jesus and asks him if he is the King, Jesus says, yes I AM. Why do you think he never stopped using those words his whole life? It did matter to him, it is the name of God, therefore, he uses it, every time he is describing himself as God. And by not telling PIlate the truth, are you implying Jesus lied about his identity?
      And on the other subject you talk about, and it is translating, whe know, there are mistakes in all the Bible versions, of course, they were translated by humans, but we believe that God inspired it, inspite of it being translated in so many languages, and so even today it continues to be. The translation mistakes don´t change the fact that the Bible is inspired by God. Inspiration was already there, they just translated it

    • Peter Neilan,

      Bible versions. Why are they different? Are there wrong ones? Are a few of them right? Just one of them?

      My point is, why would we be asking ourselves whether it is “I AM” or “Who Will Be”, unless there was some kind of distinction being made? It implies something that is not true. Why not just avoid the whole situation, by accepting that “I AM” would be the more accurate translation, for English speakers.


      “I am” implies a statement of existence as is, there is no explanation for it, God just is. “Who will be” sounds as if the action is not yet complete, and you get some weird theology from those kinds of misunderstanding. As if God was in a “process” of becoming something else? It just sounds weird.

      I think there is more to this than meets the eye.

  2. So its His real name bur we should not use it out loud in prayer? Or did i miss the point? Apologies for my ignorance.

    • @Zorin The Holy Scriptures absolutely do NOT say Yeshua for Iesous, ANYWHERE. You have not one scrap of manuscript on planet earth that would even remotely indicate his name is Yeshua. Not one! You have lost my respect after typing that lie.

      Yes, they did speak Greek. That is why Jews themselves made the Septuagint. It wasn’t for the Greek pagans. And what the Bible actually does record is three languages above the Cross. Hebrew, Latin.. Greek. Like in usa they could conceivably write in English, Mexican, and an obscure Indian language.

      Are you really suggesting that Paul wrote the Epistle to the Corinthians “originally” in Hebrew also? So what might the first century Corinthians have called Jesus? Who in their right mind wouldn’t call him what everyone in the first century called him. Or what James or Peter called him in their letters?

      I’ll tell you who… HERETICS. Since you have not one shred of evidence your ASSUMPTION is accurate.

      Tell me something… Why do you refuse to believe God gave him a Greek name? Why do you refuse Epistles that Paul sent? It either matters,to you what first century Christians and witnesses called him for a fact, or you enjoy fables. In effect you say “yes every church received Epistles stating the name as Iesous but they didn’t call him that, they said Yeshua”. Well at this point I say PROVE IT, show one Christian that ever wrote this name.

    • +Mr tee His name is Yahweh. And you are living in a grand delusion. Your ego is taking over destroying all truth of the almighty. Sounds like you are afraid of recognizing you have been living a lie saying the wrong name and acknowledging it. I wouldn’t be surprised to know you are hiding behind great sins and dismissing them as good.

    • +Jason Nave Great verse, Brother! I commented elsewhere how Christianity is all about having a “personal relationship” with God so wouldn’t that imply that Christians would want to know & use The Father’s personal Name? – Especially when speaking to unbelievers. If I met someone & they asked who my father is, I wouldn’t say “Dad” or “Father” or “Man”; I’d say his distinct name. I believe Yeshua did the same (e.g. John 17:26) & so should we!

      I guess the logic of m~C (mainstream Christianity) is that “Jesus” IS God so in that sense, they ARE using the “personal name of God”; even though the Son’s Name (Yeshua) itself is actually a proclamation of the Father’s Name & function in this age (i.e. Yehovah Saves). 🙂

    • he not only told moses his name, he told everybody his name since it appears around 7000 times in the original texts… also jesus called god by his name and made it known to the people (john 17:6, 26 / matthew 6: 9)…so yes u can (and also should) definitely call god by his name :))

  3. *No one knows exactly how God’s name was pronounced in Hebrew.* Because no one knows the exact vowels that go between the consonants, YHWH. Yahweh is the form most Hebrew scholars prefer. Jehovah is the most recognized form of God’s name in English. This is a result of Bible translators who ignore God’s command not to add or take anything away form the scrolls, or follow Jewish superstition.  Thank heavens we know what the vowel is between G-d.
    Those of you who support Bible translations that replace God’s personal name YHWH with the title name LORD, should be ashamed.

    • (εἴ τις δοκεῖ ἐγνωκέναι τι οὔπω ἔγνω καθὼς δεῖ γνῶναι)’ Those who think they know something do not yet know as they ought to know’
      –1 Corinthians 8:2 niv

    • It is not a sin to say Yahweh, since no one knows how God’s name was pronounced. What is a sin is removing God’s name from the Bible following Jewish superstition and “Christians” who support Bible translations that removed the Divine Name.

    • +Samuel, won’t you stick to the topic and stop jumping all over because you are unable to make any sensible point. The word is GOD not G-d. I will not communicate with you any further until you can write GOD.

    • +Truly True Its not a sin to speak it around believers but it’s a sin to speak It around mockers as they have no respect of Yahweh. It’s our responsibility to shield it from others

  4. God’s name, according to most English translations, in Exodus 3:14 is “I AM WHO I AM.”
    I know this is just annoying semantics, but should we say instead “I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE?”

    • Jesus is Yahweh(God from old testament). “Neither let us tempt Christ, as some of them also tempted, and were destroyed of serpents.” 1 Cor 10:9 and many others….

  5. wow, this means that in Revelation 4 when the 4 living creatures say Holy Holy Holy, is The Lord God Almighty, who was, and is and will be, basically the last statement is referring to the NAME of GOD

    • Moise Lubwimi yes that is correct. Also, if you will notice on Revelation 4, there are 4 creature and eagle being the last. That Eagle stated in Revelation 4 is also the Ravenous bird from the east in Isaiah 46:11 – the man who will execute God’s council in these last days

  6. I realise it just a word. The point is God is GOD. He doesn’t need name.(instead human need God’s name to know Him better) We can know our GOD through His act. Above all through Jesus. Jesus Bless

    • I’m not so sure, Phillia!

      You have God naming things throughout Genesis– even before creation was created! That wasn’t for us. I think that was for him. When God names someone or something, He affirms the value or relationship with that person or thing. You see this with Jesus, right? Jesus calls Simon Peter Cephas, a little rock. This was the exact opposite of his character before Pentecost– he was loud, wihsy-washy, and scared. After Pentecost though, Peter’s acting like a rock– bold, stable, firm.

      God does not name people and things willy-nilly, Phillia. God names things according to his good pleasure. I wonder what He calls you 🙂

    • Phillia Nambarisa really then why does God have a name if he does not need one? God named everything and why not himself too?.. which he did do…

    • in my opinion, God reveal his name to moses because he ask to God in order know Him better. I think because God is infinite, so He has infinite name too. the point is have relationship with God.

    • “I will reveal the holiness of my great name, which has been dishonored by the nations, the name that you have dishonored among them. Then the nations will know that I am Yahweh, because I will reveal my holiness among you as they watch, declares Adonay Yahweh.” Names of God Bible – Ezekiel 36:23

  7. I’m not one to post on social media, but my mom is in NEED OF PRAYERS! My mother, a faithful bride of Jesus, had a spinal fusion surgery TODAY in effort to end her years of back pain but it appears she has a new pain. I ask for PRAYERS OF RECOVERY, HEALING AND A CHANCE TO LIVE WITHOUT PAIN. It hurts my heart to see her suffering for so long and to have hope that the surgery would fix it, but to find she has sacriliac pain so soon post op. Please pray of Maria Victoria.

    • So far her recovery is going well, it appears her new pain is due to the muscle in her back that was “pushed” to insert the plate in her spine is the one causing her new pain. At the hospital they are trying different drugs to see which works most effectively to decrease the swelling and stop muscle spasms. My Mother is optimistic despite the pain. I’ll give an update for when she gets home. Thank you for your prayers!

    • I’m praying for her, trust God friend I understand that’s a hard thing to go through. I thank God that your mother gave birth to a caring child.

  8. First of all: i love your content. it’s simply great! Now, can you guys do a video about the Satan, or the figure of the Satan?

    • Lucas Corrêa de Lima Yeah I’ve been wondering if they’re going to do that anytime soon. They touched on the satan a little bit in the Job video in the Wisdom series, and even that got a little heat in the comments. I think many people who haven’t heard of the satan as an improper noun will be a little put off. Maybe that’s why TBP is holding off on that.

    • Jordan Jnee They have a huge section on satan on their podcast about Job. they podcasts are much longer that their videos and go into more detail.

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