By far this fruit is the world's most stinky fruit and it is not Durian

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11 thoughts on “World’s Worst Smelling Fruit and It’s Not Durian

  1. I’m over coming a brain injury, got pre cancer cells n going to do a clench of some sort . I have gone from 9.5 stone to 13 stone over the last two years my body is struggling. Stopped taking the drug that they had me on . Last mnd n if you got any good pointers to give me that be great . My gut needs a restart I’m sure my sugar is up as I keep seeing ash falling ,It’s a big hint . Love the vlogs

  2. It’s possible to become accustomed to the scent of durian. I have a ripe one just one meter from me as I type this comment. Guess what’s for breakfast today? 😀

  3. Fun episode. Fermented Noni juice is amazing. It’s like liquid blue cheese. Yum. I tried pouring it over extra firm tofu to see if it became like blue cheese crumbles. It was disappointing. Seemed like the tofu neutralized the fragrance.

  4. Sorry but the fruit/sugar cancer bit is dead wrong. Are we forgetting that vegetables are simple sugars also..
    Complex carbs especially difficult to break down..The magnetic energy to fruits are much more detoxifying and
    powerful that veggies ever will be. It is an adrenal issue when not being able to metabolize sugars well..ignoring
    the problem by not consuming fruits will only prevent deeper detoxes and dumping lymphatic waste.. Which is
    one of the most beneficial points of detoxing

  5. NONI – i love that stuff and i love its smell. when i first tried it, i didnt like it either, but you try again like it more and more. for those who not become used to its taste, you can make a awesome beverage, its called “noni-wine”. (has no alcohol, as noni has no sugar) just put as much nonis as you can in a glassjar and let them sit for some days. the fruits start to get a bit brown, but dont spoil. and at the bottom the juice, the “noniwine” accumulates. a very nice drink, and pure healingpower.

  6. There are lots of videos talking about the noni. Normally they would harvest the fruits and put them in a glass jars. . Cover the jars and let them sit for 2 months. The fruit would lose this red or purplish fruit juice. And so you drink a little every day. It’s good for avoiding cancer. (They put the date on the jar, after filling it up; With the fruits)

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