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Would you buy 100 pounds of fruit in one day?

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17 thoughts on “Would you buy 100 pounds of fruit in one day?

  1. Lucky man go out and give it out to the homeless please don’t let none go to waste 🙂 been watching your videos and I’m all so on this new lifestyle

  2. It is lychee season! I live i SF and I just went up to Chinatown to buy some today… $2.99 per lb. A buck cheaper than when I was in NYC a few days ago.

    • aryyahu I say as long as you get ALL essential vitamins/minerals and balance out your carbs/proteins/fats respectively, then any amount that you don’t gain fat is healthy.

  3. I bought 15 pounds today of mixed fruits n greens in greece that ill bring to sweden. 13.5$ total. Mostly cherries, some zucchinis, aubergine and cucumbers. If they did not run out of their fresh figs id grab them too. Im definately not staying in sweden for more than 5 years haha saving to buy a farm

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