My beloved sister Sara I love her so much deeply you helping me to go back to my ancient path TO YAHUAH THE GREAT YAHUSHA THE GREAT ONE ACAD. YAHUAH SMILES ON You and your daughter. BORN AND RAISE TO Go WEST AFRICA your my sister forever



  1. Praises to YAHUAH Beloved Achuti, we should try to get our voices together for Almighty YAHUAH Aluah!!!! The Shamayim would join in I pray. Love to my two beautiful maidens of YAHUAH, much love from the South, shared and loved. 🙂 -MalachaYahu

    • It’s not as easy as I thought…I’m praying for YAHUAH to make a way for me. We would be a Berachot to HIM, if we put our voices together to Praise YAHUAH, I feel it!!  love you so much Achuti, my sister from another mother , but we have the same Ab!!!HalaluYAHUAH. So humbled by your kind words, my Mishpacha! 🙂

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