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Yono New Song "Thank You" Praise to Yah יהוה YHUH thank you for listen to my new song for the Abba


27 thoughts on “Yahuah ” Thank You ” Praise to Yah יהוה YHUH

    • +NICOLE PEREIRA  We strengthen each other by doing such things as passing info to the next sister or brother.
      The message was not passed to start a argument. Shalum

    • But at the sametime ahk its all pronounced the same …. so i dnt see the issue …. the issue ppl should be coming to eachother with is A conversation saying hello how are you doing achoti or ahk … and us as follows of YAHUWAH should be telling ahks & achoti’s to get ready and stay in repentance daily and continue renewing yourself daily in the ehmet …. not coming at someone about the names ppl have done that on fb to me and i tell them the same …. YAHUWAH is not happy with that he wants us to come together unite … mature and florish in his ahav no more division!!! Much ahav ahk 😊

    • Why would you want to add the W though? I’ll never understand y’all. The W was added years later. We must all be on one accord sis… What if i spell your name wrong and tell you “i dont care how its spelled, it sounds the same…” what then? Smh. Shalum

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