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  1. Shalom @DJCaptcha DJCaptcha I’m hoping I can still get you. I realize you post this a few years ago… It’s so beautiful and the pictures are incredible! Yahuah Bless you for this!! I was wandering what are the words and translation? Or can you refer me to a website of some sort?

  2. but got son name yahushua which has nothing to do with salvation folks do your research making video not knowing true heavenly Father and son name are doing yourself any good as well as reaching to the lost. Shua means to cry out for help and wealth how do I know I looked it up in the Hebrew Strongs concordance Shua is not Hebrew name of the messiah yasha h3467 Hebrew Strongs concordance look it up Hebrew Strongs concordance it is not about your ego it is about savings souls and educated people truth. not saying about this video although haven’t seen this video entirety

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