Instruments by Olivier.S a.k.a M.Fasol Yahunatan HallaluYah (Pslams 146) Hebrew Music Yahuah/Yahusha/ Yasharal Music for the family of Yahuah!


15 thoughts on “Yahunatan HallaluYah (Pslams 146) Hebrew Music Yahuah/Yahusha/ Yasharal

  1. Yes me too truth needs to heard for those lost sheep that don’t know their Shepard and People having been living in false hope thinking that Jesus yeshua yahshua lord God Johovah is prophesied name for people speak in English where we have been living under Satan scheme tactics all this time we’ll Heylel(satan) days are number it is time put back what was hidden from His true believers and praise worshipped preach Yahusha word knowing that you can’t just be focusing on the New Testament not knowing His true attributes background roots knowing the meaning Messiah came to fill the scriptures does me we ought to forget what has mentioned in the old covenant not understanding why ten commandments were given why ten commandments should not be forgotten as believers we ought to do our best to follow them u can’t have old testament without the other it is recipe for our lives made it perfect and Yahusha perfected Old testament is the foundation and the new testament completion and if you lose your upper part of your home those who has a basement you will see your foundation of your home where it still remain after a hurricane old and new it is a unity

  2. Very refreshing and Salute I’m new to the truth but this type of vibe is what I’ve been praying for thanks for being an obedient vessel ✊🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  3. Pray for my family Mishpakah. Many are rejecting my faith in my own home and family, very lonely here–no family of believers, just my wife and I, we have a 15month old baby whos being raised according to Torah. What favor the father has shown us, but the rejection from others is heavy. Hallalu YAH all the same, no turning back!

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