There are many discrepancies when it comes to the name of the Almighty. Is it Yahweh, YeHoVaH, Jehovah… or is it simply God? How do you pronounce it? And why is there so much confusion? Listen as Nehemia Gordon breaks down the history of the name YHVH.
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14 thoughts on “Yahweh vs. YHVH: The Name of God – Q&A with Michael Rood & Nehemia Gordon

  1. It is not Yahweh since in Hebrew with the letters provided, and there’s four of them, it needs to be pronounced at least like Ya-HU-eH (that’s not the name either but using it as an example). When it comes to YE-HO-VAH it actually has a meaning in Hebrew as ‘[He is] Being’ which can be looked at as the interpretation of the name since the LXX has ‘I am The Being’ and ‘The Being has sent me’ in Exodus 3:14. YaH-WeH means nothing in Hebrew so there’s no way it can be the name, much less a word; it means nothing at all. I do, however, have vowel points that let’s it mean something in Hebrew and it fits perfectly with Exodus 3:14-15 along with Yehu, the short version.

  2. First of all I would like to say that it seems that our Creator gave us 2 eyes 2 ears and 1 mouth for a very good reason! Talk Less-Observe more+Listen more=Learning More! 😁I am saying this in 💕Love 💕to the ones who are speaking so negatively about what Nehemia is saying. I watched this episode 3 times just to get a fuller understanding of it. I will probably watch it a few more times at a later date just as a refresher. I am really glad this was one of the subjects this evening because I was praying for understanding to this exact question and another question concerning the Creators calendar; Surprisingly, Michael Rood answers that later on in tonights teaching! YHVH is so awesome in leading me to the answers I am seeking!
    Thank you Nehemia & Michael for taking the time to go into the deeper things in the scriptures. So much answered and learned when going back & seeing the different translations from the original, how many letters in one language’s alphabet verses another, the difference in word pronunciations, spellings, definitions, & how meanings might varie because of the different languages and the culture or religious practices of that time period. Shalom to all & good night.

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