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This week's teaching is from Numbers 4:21-7:89 and is all about keeping the community clean. To do this Yahweh gives the guides of how we are to act and look to remain holy.


20 thoughts on “Yahweh’s Look, Head Coverings (Weekly Parashah)

  1. I ain’t gonna sugar coat it; When I see a Semetic or Hispanic woman with nice, shiny, straight, long & black hair, it INSTANTLY causes me to get a bit aroused (YHVH forgive me.) And that is just eye contact! People may say that I have issues (maybe I do) but that is just what happens! No wonder that it is a middle-eastern costume that married women are to cover their head..

  2. @LouieG7777 I work front desk at a Hotel and I see all kinds of people. There are some women who are shameless and will even flirt in front of their husbands. Recently I had this one instance when I was checking a couple in and his woman was making eye contact with me and playing with her hair and then she would kind of throw it from one side to another. WOMEN KNOW THAT THEIR HAIR HAS SOME KIND OF POWER!! Why would the industry sell so many different hair products out there otherwise??

  3. Hi Paul, I see what you are saying here about covering the hair because some men find hair very sexy, but some men find feet sexy or eyes sexy…so where do we stop? I agree we should be modest but should women have to wear a head to toe covering because some men cannot control their own lustful thoughts? I think there is a danger of going to far. What do you think? Where can we draw the line?

  4. @katemyhearrt I agree with you and I am glad that Paul does say its about personal conviction. The apostle Shaul talks about head coverings, the pros and cons etc but he also says there is not such tradition (something like that) Honestly if its about attracting men, then the whole teaching only applies to women with beautiful hair, probably long, since men who have a hair fetish usually like long hair. But if my husband wanted me to cover my hair I would do it.

    • Paul said (I am paraphrasing) Other than this (that a woman should cover her head) we have no other tradition. Read the word for perfect clarity. Yashua himself told us over and over to READ the word. Matthew 12:3, 12:5, 19:4, 21:16, 21:42, 22:31, John 5:39, Luke 24:27, Matthew 24:27 etc. etc. etc. We all need to get into the WORD

  5. I want to be under the law! The law is good, it is our guide, our instruction and our refuge! Why would anyone want to get out from under the Law of God? It is GOOD!

  6. i really understand the way u teach…. i hav listened to many, think i’ll stick with u…
    u hav a great gift mr. nison, dats teaching……. keep doing it.

  7. I have a question. You think hair coloring is bad & part of your reasoning for that is it`s a damaging chemical. I can agree w/that, but what about henna which is all natural & even moisturizing to the hair? I have my own thoughts & convictions on this but I was just wondering what yours are. I think a woman should be satisfied w/the hair color & skin & eyes she was made w/so I see no reason for a young girl or woman to change these. But for a middle age woman whose hair is greying (cont.)

    • White/grey hair is an honor…lev 19;32 ‘New American Standard 1977
      ‘You shall rise up before the grayheaded, and honor the aged, and you shall revere your God; I am the LORD.’

  8. & men usually age better than women. I thnk it`s fine for her to henna her hair to take out the grey. I remember my mom reaching middle age & being asked if she were my dad`s mother. My dad was blessed w/very youthful skin & thick hair that didn`t grey. My mom wasn`t so blessed. I`ve known other women to experience the same thing. For a middle aged woman I think grey hair makes her feel old, but color livens her spirit & therefore livens the home. Just my op. but I`d like to hear yours.

  9. I’m a newbie to the bible’s teachings. I like your videos alot for the educational value in what the bible says. I’m confused though about whether your Jewish or Christian. Do you believe Yeshuah was here on Earth to save mankind 2000 years ago or is He yet to come?

  10. What about men & yarmulkes? It’s something I’m going back and forth on, having a bit of difficulty knowing my true convictions. There are reasons to wear one and reasons not to wear one I suppose.

    • turbans !
      DaniEL 321;Young’s Literal Translation
      Then these men have been bound in their coats, their tunics, and their
      turbans, and their clothing, and have been cast into the midst of the
      burning fiery furnace.

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