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Yeshua or Jesus

Have you ever wondered how we got the name Jesus? The true name of Messiah is Yeshua. So is it okay to use Jesus? In this video we talk about this.

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49 thoughts on “Yeshua or Jesus, What Is The Correct Name?

  1. Why are you trying to confuse people? Jesus or Yeshua  /  God or Jehovah  / I Am or Elohim / Yahweh or God the Father. Just call his name people and Praise God.

    • +lisa kimbrell I’m about to start part 2! Love it. We are so brainwashed!! English is the worst thing to happen to the world since the fall! :))

    • +lisa kimbrell what translation do you read after all of this? I go between WMB and KJV on Youversion app and I have a print copy of the Tree of Life Messianic Holy Scriptures. I’m waiting for the Messianic Prophecy Bible to be complete but until then?

    • +Mark Hopkins I read KJV but I know to read Yahuah in place of Lord and God and the few places it says Jehova And Yahusha in place of Jesus. I don’t worry too much about correcting others names.

  2. I think the Messiah is more concerned about how we keep His commandments, than what race name we call Him. To be born of The Spirit, we must learn and keep His Commandments. John, chapter 14 makes this perfectly clear. Immanuel, God with us, is the most mind, soul, and Spirit changing name we can use. Peace children

    • Yea it’s all totally man-made argumentative ignorant idiots. Jesus is in our hearts. Yes, it’s _his_ name by which we are saved, but that doesn’t mean if we don’t say it right we are damned, it simply means he is the _only_ one who _can_ save (which the bible is _very_ clear about – that is if you _know_ what the bible says. It says the Father judges no man but all judgement has been given to the son….). People are so _dumb_ they will argue over meaningless crap like this until their hair falls out, meanwhile they are not _doing_ what scripture says and being obedient to God. These two IDIOTS above me here seem to be good examples of a couple brain-dead lost stupid ones which I am talking about……. SO stupid.

    • God said don’t take his name in vain. Name has a spiritual connection to Holiness. The 3rd commandment states this clearly. Using the wrong name (on purpose, when you find out the truth) is breaking the commandment. Names are sacred. End of debate.

  3. If you legitimately come in His Name, speak in His Name, deliver in His Name, prophesy in His Name, do signs and wonders in His Name, etc., etc., ….it means you have been given *AUTHORITY* to do so.  Anywhere you see “in His Name”, just say it as “in His Authority” and you get the right picture, the right understanding..  It is not a “magical incantation” that somehow if you get just the right spelling, punctuation, and pronunciation, you suddenly have power. No. 

    This is much the same today when an employee is given PERMISSION (“AUTHORITY’) from an employer to do certain things or take certain actions — on behalf of the company.  They do business then,  *”in the NAME of”* the company.

    Now many claim to HAVE His “authority” — many say and do a lot of things “in His Name”….

    “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied *in thy name?* and *in thy name* have cast out devils? and *in thy name* done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, *I never knew you* : depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”  Matt. 7:22-23.

     …but they do *not* have or operate in His AUTHORITY….They just *think* they do.

    How do you know when one is acting in His Authority….”His Name” ..?

    When they also act “IN HIS CHARACTER”…(see

    The hebrew word for NAME is CHARACTER.  If their FRUIT proves them to be operating in the CHARACTER of Messiah, then they are truly operating in His AUTHORITY…..*HIS NAME*…for they are walking by the SPIRIT (not as carnal men).

    If they are not producing good fruit, but rather, envying, strife, division, etc (are they not *carnal*, as Paul said, 1 Cor. 3:3), walking contrary to His law, His Word, His Torah….then they are NOT operating in His CHARACTER….in His AUTHORITY….in *HIS NAME*…but are rather, “lawless” (torah-lessness).  YHVH knows whether their “works” are truly of Him (i.e., His AUTHORITY) or not…And any works that are not “in His Authority”, are burned up as wood, hay, stubble.

    AUTHORITY to speak or do on behalf of the King was always evidenced by a SIGNET ring in soft wax….a “SEAL” upon a scroll, as it were.  But it was the SEAL of the King that proved who truly had the authority of the King or not:

    “In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, will I take thee, O Zerubbabel, my servant, the son of Shealtiel, saith the LORD, and will *make thee as a SIGNET* : for *I have chosen thee* , saith the LORD of hosts.” Haggai 2:23.

    People need to stop arguing over the name as though ‘getting it right’ means you suddenly have a a genie in a bottle to do your bidding. If you are coming at it from that direction, you are not getting the true understanding of what it means to speak or do IN HIS NAME.

    • +Donald Schaefer We actually do have the resources and the name is important. There is only one Jesus. There is a reason God allowed the whole bible to be written for billions with the name Jesus because it is the correct name. He promised to preserve his word and I think that is exactly what he did. If God can’t even do that then why should we even have faith in his salvation.

    • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep You are still being deceived. My people perish for lack of knowledge and forgetting my name. And if you go to church on SUNDAY You are already missing the truth. SABBATH day is SATURDAY. NO ONE WAS EVER GIVEN THE AUTHORITY TO CHANGE THE 4th COMMANDMENT! AND HIS TRUE NAME REALLY DOES MATTER YOU NEED TO RESEARCH A LITTLE MORE.

  4. Wow! After reading all comments.concluded that most you are very ignorant and cold. First of all I do not hear one nice spiritual comment,but a bunch of arguments,this is crazy.Like commented before,if someone would know what the prophecy is saying,this topic should not even be discussed.My opinion,is this:Jesus was hebrew,and therefore His correct name should be said in hebrew.But because the english is unable to pronounce correctly names,as a result they translate everything.Names should never be translated,but learned to be pronounced the original way.And to read this nonsence from almost all of you,this is far from faith. Why not focus on purpose,prophecy,faith,10 commandments,love one another etc.All Jesus,teachings,learn TO walk with him.But instead,we are trying to outsmart each other.I believe the angel laugh in heaven over this thing. One last time,at this point no importance should be given to pronounciations, only focus on our Savior,and try to do good things
    For example one here comments,whyJewish try to be better than others
    None of them is doing this,perhaps they are smarter and you can not stand it.Instead of criticizing others,try to pray for each other and repeat Love one another just like I love you Jesus sayd. Almost all comments look like a circus to me. Oh,you people of little faith.

    • +Julia Drienyovszky Why do you Christians separate yourselves from Jews? You are Jewish inwardly and have undergone the circumcision required for conversion as well you did it in your heart. Why walk around calling people Jews as if you’re a different label Christians Christians and they are Jews who believe in Yeshua.

  5. We better start to become experts in Greek and Hebrew otherwise we do not know His name? Pathetic! His Words are protected by the Holy Ghost and have come down to us as Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ is LORD & CREATOR, Hebrews 1:2.

  6. “And Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS. This title then read many of the Jews: for the place where Jesus was crucified was nigh to the city: and it was written in Hebrew, and *Greek*, and *Latin*.” John 19:19-20

    Emphasis added.

  7. I agree with Charles Swindoll listen to this brief teaching.

    Some people claim that our Lord should not be referred to as “Jesus.” Instead, we should only use the name “Yeshua.” Some even go so far as to say that calling Him “Jesus” is blasphemous. Others go into great detail about how the name “Jesus” is unbiblical because the letter J is a modern invention and there was no letter J in Greek or Hebrew.

    Yeshua is the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is “Joshua.” Iesous is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is “Jesus.” Thus, the names “Joshua” and “Jesus” are essentially the same; both are English pronunciations of the Hebrew and Greek names for our Lord. (For examples of how the two names are interchangeable, see Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8 in the KJV. In both cases, the word Jesus refers to the Old Testament character Joshua.)

    Changing the language of a word does not affect the meaning of the word. We call a bound and covered set of pages a “book.” In German, it becomes a buch. In Spanish, it is a libro; in French, a livre. The language changes, but the object itself does not. As Shakespeare said, “That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet” (Romeo and Juliet, II:i). In the same way, we can refer to Jesus as “Jesus,” “Yeshua,” or “YehSou” (Cantonese) without changing His nature. In any language, His name means “The Lord Is Salvation.”

    As for the controversy over the letter J, it is much ado about nothing. It is true that the languages in which the Bible was written had no letter J. But that doesn’t mean the Bible never refers to “Jerusalem.” And it doesn’t mean we cannot use the spelling “Jesus.” If a person speaks and reads English, it is acceptable for him to spell things in an English fashion. Spellings can change even within a language: Americans write “Savior,” while the British write “Saviour.” The addition of a u (or its subtraction, depending on your point of view) has nothing to do with whom we’re talking about. Jesus is the Savior, and He is the Saviour. Jesus and Yeshuah and Iesus are all referring to the same Person.

    The Bible nowhere commands us to only speak or write His name in Hebrew or Greek. It never even hints at such an idea. Rather, when the message of the gospel was being proclaimed on the Day of Pentecost, the apostles spoke in the languages of the “Parthians, Medes and Elamites; residents of Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya near Cyrene” (Acts 2:9–10). In the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus was made known to every language group in a way they could readily understand. Spelling did not matter.

    We refer to Him as “Jesus” because, as English-speaking people, we know of Him through English translations of the Greek New Testament. Scripture does not value one language over another, and it gives no indication that we must resort to Hebrew when addressing the Lord. The command is to “call on the name of the Lord,” with the promise that we “shall be saved” (Acts 2:21; Joel 2:32). Whether we call on Him in English, Korean, Hindi, or Hebrew, the result is the same: the Lord is salvation.

    • Your name is Jason. Would you like it or even respond if I called you Janosh? Yes, God is Allmighty and knows our hearts. But there is no real need to translate a persons name nor God’s – which has meaning and power. That is especially important when we are calling out for the One Himself.
      The name is Spirit and has Power. If the name is translated into something else. What are you actually calling for? When we now KNOW how they in the earliest days pronounced his name why should we keep on sinning by using a completely different name? I personally think it is respectful to honor the true name of God – and of course abide in The Word and live it.

    • +Joel Tunnah Right tinfoil hats lol. If José comes to America people don’t start calling him Joseph. If we as people keep our names without translating them, then how could we be okay with our lords name being translated. It’s simple no tinfoil, elaborate theories or numerology. Just basic common sense.

    • Badishon Joe, sorry but this is all neo-gnostic nonsense. While we’re at it, why don’t you call God “YHWH”? Why are you calling Him by a translated name?

    • GW S, obsessing about the alleged “original” name of Jesus, and thinking that this is somehow more sacred or that he won’t listen to other names, is jewish gnostic superstition.

  8. When Jesus went to Egypt the Jewish community used the Septuagint. The New Testament constantly quotes from the Septuagint. Most of the Jews in Iesous’ day couldn’t even speak Hebrew, they mostly spoke Greek especially in the diaspora. There is no Joshua, just like there is no James. James is Jacob. Joshua is Jesus or Iesous, this is a modern sophistic run around and distraction. The Apostles called The Lord Iesous (Jesus) because that is his real name. You people are liars, look at the Septuagint book of Iesous Naui. If your argument calling Iesous (Jesus), yashua held any water than the Jews should be called Yews.

    • No they didn’t. Enoch tells us Son of Man was named by the Ancient of Days b4 creation in the language of the creation Hebrew. Mary did not name him a Greek name. The Greek was translated from Hebrew. Iesous is Joshua/Jesus. It’s the same word in OT for Joshua and NT Jesus. The Hebrew word translated is
      Yad=Y. Yad=Y
      Hey=AH. Hey=AH
      Waw=U. Waw=U
      Shin=SH. Shin=SH
      Ayin=A. Ayin=A
      YAHUSHUA or YAHUSHA. both are correct.
      Father’s name is YHWH
      YAHUAH, YAHU, or YAH for short

    • I recommend to you The God Culture. They have excellent videos PROVING what they teach. No scholarly theories or opinions. Check them out. You’ll be surprised at what they find

  9. “Dumb,” sounds quite different in Chinese language compared to an English translation, yet with a proper translator, 2 people speaking different languages can associate topics, continuing their conversation. When 1 calls out to GOD properly or not, if the heart is right, GOD hears. Sounds of words are not most important. The heart is most important.

  10. it just sounds wrong coming from us native English speakers to say YehSHOOuh. It sounds like rednecks trying to speak city. If anyone thinks that our God, Jehovah, YHWH, Yah, Yeshua, Jesus, is incapable of deciphering upon whom we call, well… finish the sentence yourself. He hears me, He knows what I mean, the Holy Spirit knows what I mean and translates it FOR me. If He ever convicts me to learn Hebrew and then Greek, of course, I will and I believe it is a gift to know all the names for what they are in their original languages, but going on some wild goose chase and confusing the mind while I try to read an English Bible and insert the Hebrew names here and there is a distraction more than communing with the LORD.

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