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  1. @BIBLEisMARKofBEAST You need to realize that the enemy will speak to us even in a church service to make us think it’s Yeshua speaking to us. He is very good at what he does and he’s done a good job at convincing you that he was your Savior, you fell for it. Think about it, why would Yeshua speak AGAINST His Father’s Word? It doesn’t make sense. He came to fulfill His Father’s Word. The enemy didn’t want you to know God through His Word and in order to keep you from knowing Him, he lied!!

  2. @BIBLEisMARKofBEAST How do you know you are under a new covenant? By the way, the “New Covenant” is the Old Covenant REnewed… it’s not new, just renewed.

    I’m not going to argue, been there and done that. Hope all goes well for you. God bless.

  3. @BIBLEisMARKofBEAST I said I wasn’t going to argue, BUT … If Yeshua came to do away with the Old Covenant then He is telling us that His Father, the one who created the entire universe and everything in it, including YOU is a big fat lier! Is He? I think NOT! NO.., the Old Covenant wasn’t perfect and they could not walk it out in their own strength, so He RENEWED it and made it better by sending the Holy Spirit to EMPOWER them to walk out what He set in place to begin with.

  4. @GodHasNOMother G-d bless you too dear one. I am “sister” (lol) Barbara. Thank you for you sweet reply. I want to go to Israel SOOOOO bad! I’m praying the L-rd will provide one day. Shalom

  5. @BIBLEisMARKofBEAST Satan deceives the elect every day. IF the Bible was so horrible, as you claim it is, then why has G-d protected it all this time..just as He’s protected the Jews? They are the ones who preached the Good News in the first place. I thank them for bringing me to salvation through the teaching in the Scriptures. Yeshua taught from the scriptures which is now in a book which you call evil. Hmmm.

  6. @BIBLEisMARKofBEAST If the Word of G-d is an idol then I guess I’m an idolatress. Also, when I am before the King on Judgment Day and He tells me “Barbara, you really didn’t have to do all that I did, like pray, study scripture, keep the commandments, keep Shabbat, the appointed times, love like I loved.. it was too much!” Then I guess I’ll apologize and ask if I can still make it to Heaven. The bible is beautiful, please don’t let it go.

  7. @BIBLEisMARKofBEAST How can it be the mark of the beast if it speaks against him (the enemy)…think about it. The enemy told you it was because he HATES it, he cringes when we study G-d’s Word. Yeshua is all about the scriptures, the enemy is a lier and he’s the one that told you. He wants you to think you heard Yeshua, but it wasn’t Him at all. Yeshua would NEVER speak against His Father, that’s insane!

  8. Paul, keep the videos coming. They are wonderfully spoken, the truth needs to be revealed. In todays world, we are so far from the truth that when it is spoken we don’t recognize it and rebuke it. I am so thankful for you and all you do.

  9. I cannot say how thrilled I was to see how worn Paul’s scriptures were. You can tell they are a cherished possession. How much better could peoples lives be if they not only read their scriptures, but read them without filtering them through man’s doctrines. I want the Father’s word on my heart and in my mind Only! Anything that comes after is in vain.

  10. The Kingdom of heaven my friend, is within. And heaven can be shone onto this earth if we chose to live as so.

    Bur who really knows 🙂

  11. you should really used true words like ELOHIM-MIGHTY ONE,instead of god which is describing an idle, for YAHWEH is A MIGHTY ELOHIM. not a god, that’s the other guys,the bad ones…OK brother….

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