Attitude….what are you say Ra'ah! YHWH has an "ATTITUDE PROBLEM"? Well, the word "ATTITUDE" implies that "one has settle in their way of thinking, or feeling about someone or something, based on that things or person's actions and behavior they have judged"! YHWH Judge our personality?? You want to hear this SIMPLE Teaching on "Keetvay Ehmet" 1-27-2016 conducted by Ra'ah.

PLEASE join YisraYah'ale because you need to hear this Teaching that will show us if YHWH has an "ATTITUDE"! The Teaching will "show us the other side of YHWH, we DO NOT want to hear".


4 thoughts on “YHWH Is This Your ATTITUDE – Is It The RIGHT Attitude?? – Raah Dawid

  1. Shalom brother! I wanted to know which “book” you are reading from. I can’t find Torah with apocrypha and all the books of the apocrypha anywhere.

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