15 thoughts on “YHWHSHUA The Lamb Of YHWH

  1. HalleluYAH!!!!! Without a doubt, you are the MOST HIGH’S anointed choir and I thank you for your many song of praises to the ELOHIM of our ISRAELITE dreams. Todah…………………………BROTHER JACOB ISRAEL AKA THE HEBREW 1

  2. @elohimgirl Not “guys” to make fun of : ridicule often lightly or good-humoredly”, but we are located @ Jefferson, SC. Information is on the website yahwehsword org

    • +Yah Victory Shalom from Greenville, SC! I kept listening and the words I couldn’t understand didn’t become any clearer. Please help! Would you share what the main verses are, if nothing else? I would love to learn this song and be able to sing it in my range (soprano). I’ve been singing gospel songs and substituting Yah and Yahshua for God and Jesus, LOL. I’d love for this to be the first song I learn since coming into the truth about my identity as an Israelite and the real truth about what the bible is. No matter what you decide, though, thank you for reading my comment. Shalom!

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