We are the Lord's! When He is first in our life and seek first His Kingdom, we will not need discipline in the way that someone pursuing the lust of the flesh would. Take time to position yourself before the Father and examine yourself, making self corrections, cooperating with Him. Live your life knowing that you belong to the Lord.


9 thoughts on “You Are the Lord’s – Romans 14:8

  1. Amen my brother in Yeshua. I was feeling this way the moments leading up to seeing this video. I thank Abba for sending out this word through you. Thank you so much for being his instrument in this world. Yahweh bless you and your lineage forever

  2. Thank You Rabib, I  enjoy listening to your teaching. Although I do not know all the Scripture readings well, you help to remind me how important it is to remain in Christ, Jesus. Amen,      Shalom

  3. What a great blessing, a reminder that my everyday is Yours Abba, that everything I do in my day is worship to you. Please bless the entire team of Discovering the Jewish Jesus and every human who watches this post, may we all encounter Your Spirit and work toward Your Kingdom, while keeping in mind, “I belong to the Great I AM.” 💚

  4. Amen, You know what I love about you? Your Honest and Tell the Bible like it is..You don’t water it down you Speak from the Spirit and your not afraid to do it or show it…Because U know it!! I love that about you. Support you 110%. Thank you for sharing this message with the World. God Bless You Rabbi

  5. Amen! I have been learning from your lessons for so long. The Holy Spirit always know what I need. I am reading your book “Self Deliverance” . It is a really great book. I have learned many things from it. Thank you for following what God tells you. Glory to God.

  6. Grace and peace to you from GOD our FATHER and the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Thank you for continuing to be used by our FATHER. May HE continue to bless you and your ministry with the leadership of HIS HOLY SPIRIT.AMEN.

  7. Thank you For this! I have a brother right now that’s is straying from the Lord and this gives me comfort that God will discipline him to bring him back to righteousness. And it will be okay because it’s because of Love that God disciplines. In Jesus name he will come back to God!

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