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You Can Heal from Ulcerative Colitis

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One thought on “You Can Heal from Ulcerative Colitis

  1. I’ve had Cwrohns since childhood but wasn’t diagnosed til I was 20 and 5 months pregnant… needless to say i ended up having my son 3 months early, having a huge amount of bowel removed because i ended up having gain green in and around my gut. Stayed in the hospital 3 months going thru hell… I’m 47 now and now have a ileostomy after a total of 17 surgeries. Even with the ileostomy, I’m still passing blood from my rectum. The docs at UNC dont seem to care. I really think a lot of these diseases are purposely done to us, and now with the plandemic, i do believe we are in the depopulation agenda…

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