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Please watch: "Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned"



25 thoughts on “You Must Pay Attention To Detail When Building

  1. I’m 16 year painter I can say that is the truth! We cover up a lot of mistakes!…shalom pastor we worked hard on our land yesterday as well. And had a great feast of trumpets in our home fellowship Friday. All praise to TMH Yah! The king is truly coming!

  2. angle of error!

    love your teachings Pastor Dowell. You are a very wise man. A true ‘man’s man’ if you no mind me saying.

    If your measurements are off 3 degrees…. at 1 foot thats maybe an inch

    but at 100 feet… you are way off your line.


    • There is no basement which is pretty common in the southern US to my knowledge. Step footing foundation was used already put in. Look at previous videos.

  3. Shalom Pastor. My very first construction job this summer I was working with a flooring crew. I was working night shift because somehow in this newly built 45 story office tower, one of the floors ended up being very uneven and not level after they poured the concrete. It was sloping and had over 3 inches of difference in some areas. The buck was passed as brother James said and I had to use a floor grinder to try and grind down the high parts so that the floor would be level. This of course took way too long and cost way too much so they brought in an industrial floor grinder to get the job done faster. Even that failed and they eventually had to use a self-leveling cement that they poured on top of the concrete floor. Once that set and the floor was level they were then able to lay their ceramic tiles. I was amazed that in this day and age of modern machinery and tools that they could make such a big mistake. I’m new and even I know that you have to level concrete as soon as it is poured while it is still wet. So much time, money and labor were wasted because someone messed up at the early stage of pouring the concrete and failed to make it level.

  4. do you guys use bond beams at the base, top and above opennings of your masonry walls?

    I dont see any vertical reinforcing steel dowels from the foundation into the walls for vertical wall reinforcement bars.

  5. I was looking for what your title inferred but you didn’t bring it to anyone’s attention. That was some bad jack over jenny at the 12 to 18 second mark, hoo-wee. I guess you can cover that with some parging and landscape, hoo-wee.

  6. Hay Pastor Dowell, your building site is pretty tidy. Nice neat block work. Are you putting a concrete floor in. ? Good job ! Construction work is hard work. It’s great to see your progress. Is it a house or a church ?

    • Sounds good but I am using this home to also teach new construction workers. If there are mistakes, they will be able to learn how to correct them before going forward.

  7. How can I join? Single guy, no kids, left Christianity and have recently come into the truth of the Hebrews. How can a person link up and contribute/become involved in the community full time???

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