Is your faith a lie? Are you unknowingly worshipping "the dark side?"

Michael Rood conducts an insightful and dynamic interview with Pastor David Robinson. From his missile defense work in the aerospace industry during President Reagan’s “star wars” era, to discovering the Hebrew Roots of his faith, David shares the personal story of his journey from the “dark side” into the Light and freedom of God’s revelation of the Truth.

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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24 thoughts on “Your church is lying to you!  – Shabbat Night Live – 2/24/17

  1. Getting right to the point: I heard the two of you talking about coming out of the world standard of Christianity and getting away from the pagan holidays and discovering the annual holy days but there was no mention of the weekly sabbath without which we cannot possibly see the *whole picture*. Other than that the interview was inspirational and uplifting. Thank you! <3

    • I am talking about the interviews with guests that talk about many great subjects but rarely if ever mention the importance of keeping the Sabbath. Keeping the Sabbath is so very important for the true Christian and is the sign between Yehova and His *Called Out Ones* and should be the starting point and not just implied by having a program that takes place on the Sabbath.

    • Donald Anderson
      I still don’t see where your complaint lays. He has made videos on The Sabbath vrs Sunday. Him and MANY other Torah teachers have covered the subject ad-nausium. To be honest, it is such a basic teaching that if people looking into Hebrew roots (or whatever label you want to put on it) don’t figure it out immediately, then they are morons. Does every guest need to say, “…and remember the Sabbath is not Sunday!”
      It’s ridiculous!!
      And what is a, “True Christian?” I absolutely do not consider myself a “Christian” anymore. I was lied to, in EVERY single Christian church I ever stepped foot into.

    • Donald Anderson
      I absolutely agree on the importance of the Sabbath. My point is, It would be a little strange if a guest speaker at a Christian church, got up and said, ” You know, we worship on Sunday!” Even though everybody there or watching at home knows that.
      Also, I knew long before ever getting into Hebrew roots, that Saturday was the Sabbath, but the church changed it. So, yeah, maybe a few people don’t realize the truth of the Sabbath, but most Christians are fully aware. They simply make excuses for why they don’t honor the Sabbath. It is just so basic that I really don’t think it needs to be expressed, by every guest. In fact, I don’t know if Michael would even have someone who didn’t keep the Sabbath on his show, nor would they want to go on his show.
      It is just so redundant for guests to say, “Hey, remember…The Sabbath is not Sunday!! It’s from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset!”

    • You are two decades and thousands of hours of teaching behind… Welcome to the channel and enjoy the teachings on the Sabbath you have missed. This is called, “Shabbat Night Live.”

  2. Thank you for the work your ministry does and for having the interview you did tonight. It would be awesome if you reached out to 119 Ministries and had them on. Great people, Biblical teaching, and compliments your ministry very well!

  3. Michael, you gotta love Trump’s first month… A president that will stand by Israel, A president that will stand against Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon, and A president that will keep us safe from those extremist entering from those 7 Islamic Countries identified by former President Obama as threats to out security.

    • We are on as many broadcast networks as we can afford. Thank you for supporting the work of the ministry. We are on both the Dish Network and Direct TV as well as in Every Spanish speaking nation in the world.

  4. Michael you are the one fullfilling the word of YHVH in the Revelation of Yeshua to John of Patmose revealing the Truth to us in Thought, Word and Deed .YHVH chose you to bring us( his Children ) were he is in thought ,word and deed your name means (Gift of Heaven ) . Your fulfilling the scripture that says “Thay fallow him were ever he goes”.

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