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  1. What do you think is the optimal vitamin d ng/ml level?? Do you test your vitamin d level every 6 months? Have you tested vitamin d in winter when there’s no sun? If so what was it bit d ng/ml?

    YouTube Thomas levy cardiologist optimal vit d 50ng/ml-80ng/ml
    Thomas levy says vitamin d too low you die, vitamin d too high you die!

    Sherry Rogers m.d. vit d 60ng/ml-80ng/ml
    Sherry Rogers says low vitamin d is staring death in the face”

    Chrisbeatcancer. Com site Chris wark talks about his blood results says his vitamin d is 37ng/ml then says that’s way too low I want to be in 70s

    YouTube safran zaidi endocrinologist says it’s myth that 15 minutes in sun is enough vitamin d. You would need spen 4-6 hours in sun.
    He says have supplement d3 to get 50ng/ml optimal level

    YouTube Amy Meyers never supplement d3 without k2mk7. Amy says 50ng/ml-70ng/ml optimal
    D3 supplement increases calcium into blood by 20times. Without k2mk7 that calcium goes into arteries!

    YouTube what in the world are they doing to us vitamin d deficiency

    YouTube STUDY vitamin d kills cancer cells ABC news (by americafalling)

    Fromcancertohealth.com vitamin d
    Article vitamin d, p53 gene, cancer, apoptosis

    Suzanne simmers takes her own brand of vitamin d supplement everyday.

    YouTube Dr Rhonda Patrick says vitamin d sweet spot is 40ng/ml-60ng/ml says too high vitamin d just as dangerous as too low

    YouTube John McDougall vitamin d supplements
    He says do nothing for health

    YouTube Michael holick spin doctor by Pamela popper. She says holick gets paid 162,000 to push d supplements, tests, ect she also says vitamin d supplements do nothing for health and harm people.

    YouTube the myth of vitamin d by Pamela popper

    YouTube search low vitamin d deficiency
    All these horrific stories people all completely turned around to great health when supplementing d3 to 30ng/ml-50ng/ml levels or higher 60ng/ml levels

    But because Dr Rhonda, Thomas levy cardiologist and others all say vitamin d too high you die, just like too low.

    How do we know what really is SAFE optimal vitamin d levels? Is 50ng/ml slightly too high, is 60ng/ml-70ng/ml moderately too high and 70ng/ml-90ng/ml definitely too high despite many actual medical doctors and most naturopaths preaching these high levels
    How do we know what’s safe optimal vit d ng.ml?? Considering too low you die …too high you die…

    Do you use Hulda Clark zapper ? 30khz and 15hz frequencies? Can be used with copper bars held in hand or small box with two penny copper discs worn anywhere on body

    YouTube lazymanvegan kill parasites zapper
    YouTube rawsynergy basic zapper Alicia
    YouTube actress Karen Allen zapper lyme
    YouTube extreme health radio don croft zapper
    Worldwithoutparasites. Com
    Organise Africa.com zapper
    Educate-yourself. Org mini silver terminator

    Do you use zapper to kill all parasites everywhere in body all pathogens? If you don’t use zapper is cause you feel they don’t work??

    If you don’t use a zapper what do you do thats natural to safely kill all parasites everywhere in body?? Have you used food grade diameticious earth ? Many say it’s dangerous like razor blades to intestines, others say it’s only like razor blades to parasites.

    If 100% raw organic diet daily is eating non pasteurized sauerkraut and kimchi everyday sufficient source for enzymes and probiotics to recolonize 100 trillion good bacteria in gut that IS 85% of immune system??

    Why does everyone say body can cure any disease cancer, tumors, heart disease(Caldwell esselstyn NO OILS! YouTube Caldwell esselstyn olive oil,) (YouTube the fruit doctor olive oil)
    But as example when you bring up something like gerd/ acid reflux which doctors downplay like it’s no big deal…they downplay all serious disease!
    Normal stomach acid is critical for complete digestion of food and protection from pathogens -bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites! On top of protecting from partially or mostly undigested food rotting in stomach due to low stomach acid then stomach finally releases undigested rotting food into intestines where it continues for, ferment, cause pain,inflammation, and it’s heaven for bacteria, fungus, Candida, parasites!
    Yet when you ask about gerd/acid reflux 99% naturopaths never say this cures…they all say take some hydrochloric acid tablets, try Apple cider vinegar, juice lemons water, eat probiotics fermented foods, eat very very small meals this might help (we can cure cancer, tumors, ect but here this MIGHT help for acid reflux/gerd low stomach acid which is very dangerous health issue)

    Any clue how to get normal stomach acid levels? Cure acid reflux/gerd (VERY LOW STOMACH ACID??

    What is natural way heal endothelial lining that lines all our 60,000 miles arteries, veins??

    Dr Dwight lundel heart surgeon performed over 5000 heart surgeries. Tells what really causes heart disease , ruptured plaque, unstable plaque
    Caused by endothelial dysfunction.

    Do you use qlink srt3 pendant or safespace ii pendant for protection from EMF radiation from cell phone and other devices put out EMF radiation like laptops wifi, or your house or friends house that might have smart meter(which sites say 24/7 piluts out 160 times EMF radiation as one cell phone). Or do you not use anything for protection from EMF radiation from your cell phone, laptop, home devices, possible smart meter ect???

    Also coronary calcium score great to know how much calcium in arteries cause immediate death. But they inject poison toxic gadolina straight into all arteries! Same with angiogram for finding how much plaques in arteries uses gadolina dye poison toxic injected into all arteries! These are to critical things two know easily kill… But injecting gadolina into arteries is poison almost killed Chuck norriseswife wife

    So any ideas how to know coronary calcium score and how much plaque in all arteries without injected gadolina poison straight into arteries/bloodstream??


  2. After standing up for RAW VEGAN FOOD ONLY? for so long, convincing us it is the right and only way to it, making money from it, and now, o “I don’t know what made me change my decision “…wow….

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